• Epilogue
    You see there’s a reason the people call it the Whispering Hill. It’s because of the spirits of the past families that lived and died but some how where drawn to the house, stuck in between life and death, never really knowing the two, never really moving on. But the real reason was the very first owner of the castle, the one who built it from scratch. The owner of the castle was named King Jerraud Meyers, he had a wife named Meliney Castelle-Meyers and three young boys. Cedric Harold Meyers, Jonathan Marrow Meyers, and , the youngest, Zander James Meyer.
    The whole family were happy together, never fighting, never hurting each other, they always had each others backs. King Jerraud thought that his wife was happy, he always saw her smiling. But he did not know what she really felt deep down inside. She loved her boys very much, but she resented them as well. She resented them because her husband was paying more attention to her kids than to her, and she didn’t like that one bit. But each day, as they grew a little bit older, she realized that it was poposterous to be jealous of her kids, they deserved the attention. But one day King Jerraud found his wife, with a knife in her back, leaning over her dead children, who he thought his maid killed because she had blood on her hands. Zander Meyers was so furious with his maid that he took her to the very top floor of the house and locked her up there. The only light she got was from the windows and the lamps. The only air she got was from opening the windows. The servants sent up food to her three times a day, and twice for her snacks after breakfast and after lunch. The day after he locked her in the room was the day that he killed himself, he had gone too insane, for his and his servants own good. He had feared that if he lived another day, knowing that the person who murdered his family was his maid and was in the house, knowing that his family were dead, was just too much to bare. Later that night when everybody was a sleep, he had gone into his study, wrote a note to the people in the house, and hung him self. The next day the servants found him in the study, dead, cold, lifeless. But what they hadn’t know was that their lords maid was pregnant with a child and have given birth the exact same time that he killed him self. Day after day, she mourned for the death of her lord , the death of the three young boys, who she loved so very dearly. Day after day she was grateful for having a reason to live in this world. Her daughter Makaria.
    Mayleen, the maid, didn’t know that her youngest boy, Zander, was alive, she had never gone down stairs in the west wing. But the night that her lord died, Zander woke up. The person that killed his older brothers and mother, only got his shoulder, they made sure that he stayed alive and that none of his major nerves were hit with the blade.

    Chapter 1

    “M-Mom…” Zander said with a raspy breath.
    “D-Dad…” No one answered.
    “Cedric? Jonathan…” He turned his head and saw both of his older brothers next to him. He tried to wake them up, but they wouldn’t. He thought that they were just in a very deep sleep, until he saw the blood on the floor. He didn’t know what happened and he didn’t know why, all he knew was that someone murdered his family, but left him alive. It was only after the shock of knowing that his brothers and mother were dead that he felt his own pain. He moved his left shoulder, but it was fine. Then he moved his right one, or tried to. He only moved it an inch up until he found out that, that was as far as he could go.
    After what seemed like hours, he finally got his shoulder bandaged and was ready to find out what happened to his brothers and mother. He started walking around, trying to find his father and ask what had happened. So he went to his fathers study first, since he knew that he would be up and trying to find out the perpetrator who killed his wife and older sons. But when he got to the study door he saw the whole staff in his fathers study.
    “What are you doing in my fathers study?” He asked in a small shaky voice.
    Everyone turned to look at him. For some reason they were surprised to see him, but didn’t say anything, all they did was look at him sadly and affectionately.
    “What happened? What’s wrong?” He asked again, this time more afraid.
    “I’m afraid ,young Zander, that you are going to have to look for yourself. For neither one of us know how to tell you any less horrible than it is.” His fathers P.A. said to him.

    They all moved out of the way to show him the fateful sight. As they moved out of the way, Zander’s eyes grew wider, his breath more quicker, his pulse more faster.
    “D-daddy…”Zander said, his voice full with uncertainty.
    “Daddy!” Zander cried out. His voice full with so much pain and heartache that you can almost hear his heart breaking into tiny little shards of glass.
    Zander ran over to his dad. He fell just inches away from his lifeless father, bending and grabbing his father as if holding him so closely would allow his soul to breathe just a sliver of life in him. He stood that way for hours, crying and holding his father, rocking him self in a self soothing motion. All thoughts were empty except for two.

    “I’m all alone now…no one can ever make me happy again. My whole family is gone now, and I’m the only one left… I will never be whole anymore…”

    For five weeks, he cried himself to sleep. For five weeks, he mourned his family. For five weeks, he was alone. No one to hold him, no one to comfort him, no one to tell him that everything would be ok. It was just him, all alone, in a house, that has more secrets than an unsolved mystery. AT night he tried to fall a sleep, but the whispers kept him up and awake. That only made matters worse for him. For every time he fell asleep, he had horrible nightmares that would put deadly shadows to rest. His servants tried to find any way that would help their young Zander find a peaceful, restful sleep. But none could.

    After months of hiding from the cruel world, Zander finally found some strength left in him to go out side and get some fresh air and sunlight. He got changed and went the stairs that led to the grove that Mayleen showed him.
    “The air is so fresh and vibrant with sweet smells of Honeysuckle and Lilacs…” Christy said. She was like a big sister to Zander. The only non family, family he had left in the world.
    “I guess so, if you like that sort of stuff.” Zander said in a whatever-voice.
    “Well aren’t we grumpy this morning, or is it that your just this sweet.” She said sarcastically.
    “ A little bit of both I guess…” Zander’s voice droned off a** he looked past the pond and saw a young statuesque woman, sitting in the middle of the wild rose garden that Mayleen called “The Ruby Heavens”. He walked closer to the pond, and as he got to the edge of it, he found that he recognized this stranger.
    “Mayleen!” Zander exclaimed as he ran around the pond, into the garden, and into her warm, familiar arms.
    “Oh, my baby! You’re okay! I thought you were dead along with your Mamma and you brothers…” Mayleen said into his soft Brown hair. Tears were falling down her face, falling onto his cheeks and mixing with his own.
    “I’m not Mayleen, I’m fine. I thought that you left me, that you were dead like them!” He cried into her shoulder, shaking and shivering with the crying.
    “Baby, I would never leave you. Never, ever. Not in a million years.” After everyone was more acquainted again, they all went inside for lunch and cool beverages.
    Everyone was laughing and happy. There was a lot of hugging and kissing. A lot of crying and tears. But most of all, there was a lot of caring and loving going around that house. It filled the air, the wind, the bodies, and the plants. Everything that happened that day made and let Zander finally find his sleep. Peaceful as well as Blissful.