• tab Lawliete Rosehart. She arrived before us, dressed in floral attire. Her deep black leggings hugged tightly to her pale legs as they travelled slim and alluringly from the hem of her dress to the ground with which they connected. Her shoes- vintage- seemed to have a history to tell; an adventure book to write full of the accounts of the different sidewalks and country roads they had passed down- and there was no denying they had encountered a great many. Red hair erupted, long and volcanic like from beneath the bright red beret that lay nestled delicately atop her head; a beret that seemed to have come from the very Paris itself.
    tab There was no questioning the undeniable fact that this girl was not from around here, and as soon as she looked up and out over the seated class before her, her eyes only seemed to confirm the truth. Her gaze caught mine for a brief moment, but it was enough; their message had been conveyed. These eyes had seen wonders and atrocities, gained knowledge that dominated that of someone a thousand times her age to such an extent it was impossible to really walk away with the same outlook on humanity.
    “.....and it is important that you all make her seem as welcome as possible!” the teacher’s voice came to me in snippets, her words passing through the fog that had enveloped my mind. Those unforgettable eyes found mine again, and I looked away, abashed. The realisation that I had been openly staring dawned upon me and I felt a light blush spread across my cheeks, the heat a welcome ideal in the chilly Chicago winter morning. I felt comforted as I looked around to see the rest of the gathering had been caught just as starstruck by the girl’s unearthly complexion as I had.
    “Please take a seat Ms. Rosehart,” the teacher concluded, invitingly swooping an arm out towards the crowd presented. Timidly, Lawliete started her way down the narrow isle, her destination a seat at the back of the room she had chosen of preference. Once the teacher saw Lawliete was seated, he turned and finally began with the teachings of the first period psychology lesson.
    tab As the lesson progressed the amount of eyes unable to- as of yet -take their eyes off the sight of the exotic flower that had somehow bloomed within this patch of weeds decreased, and even I found myself becoming instead indulged within the ideas of different intelligence theories rather than the young female. As the lesson concluded and finally drew to an end it had come to appear that Lawliete Rosehart had become just another student among the crowd.