• I yawned. I was walking through the streets, going home at night. I had been out with my friends all day. I had on a red anime skirt, black shirt, red and black tie, black knee-high socks, skull clip, red boots, and a black skull bracelet. Neechee suddenly started clawing at my boots. "Neechee, what are you doing here?" I asked. It looked up at me, than started walking away. When I didn't follow, it looked back at me, as if waiting. When I walked after it, it walked on. "It wants me to follow it?" I thought, and followed. It took me to an alleyway where some teen boys ran away, bruised, bloody, and afraid. The cat started running toward the alley. "Wait!" I called after it. I ran around the corner. A boy was against the wall, breathing heavily. He was bruised, battered, and bloody. He was sitting on the floor his back on the wall. "Yoichi?!" I called. He looked up, and sure enough, it was Yoichi. Neechee went and sat on Yoichi's lap, which is where he had a cut. Yoichi held his brearth and clenched his teeth. I ran over and took Neechee off his lap, Yoichi sighed. "Yoichi, what happened?" I asked. He grunted "Do I look that bad?" he asked. "Yeah." I said. "Oh, well, thanks for spareing my feelings." he said sarcastically. "It's the truth. Can you get up?" I asked. He nodded "Dang. I need to get home." he muttered. "No, my house is closer, you can stay there for a while. My paents aren't around, so there's no problem." I said. He smiled a bit "Yeah, okay." he nodded. I put his arm over my shoulder and my other one around him. It took a while and with a lot of stares, but we were able to reach my house. I sat him down on the egde of he batheroom tub. "Take off your shirt." I told him as I took the first aid out from under the sink. He did, but with much pain. I took out some bandages (Okay, she took out those bandages you see in anime alot for cuts and other stuff. If you don't know what anime is- How are you on Gaia?!) and started bandaging the cuts and bruises on his chest, stomach, and back. I tightened them and moved on to his arm. "How did this happen? I mean, why did this happen?" I asked. "Well, I was walking along the streets with Neechee when I heard someone scream. I went and saw these two girls being harrased by these guys. So, I just helped the girls out I geuss." he shrugged, which brought about some pain. It was along while of silence while I did everything I could for his cuts and bruises amd than bandaged them up. "You're such an idiot!" I said. That surprised him "Huh?" he said. "I mean seriously you fight a bunch of guys ALONE? You're insane!" I said. "I had to do something!" I retorted. "That something almost got you killed!" I yelled. "But, I couldn't just stand there! Those girls could've been killed, or worse!" he said defensivly. I nodded my head "That's true, but couldn't you have called the police or something." I pointed out. "I really didn't think about that." he admitted. I sighed "C'mon, let's get you up." I said and took him into the living room. I set him down on the couch, as I got up to stand he grabbed my waist and pulled me into his lap. Almost, immediatly and shivered in pain. "Well, that was stupid." I said. He sighed and shrugged. I started getting up, but his arms held me in place. "You really are a perverted idiot." I said. "Maybe." he said. "You're going to hurt yourself." I said. "As long as you stay." he whispered. "It's not like I'm leaving planet earth! I'll be in the same house." I said. "Remember last night when you said you didn't want me to leave?" he askedd, changing the subject. I blushed, remembering "Yes." I said. "Why did you suddenly want me to stay?" he asked. To answer, I kissed him. He started moving around a bit, which did cause him some pain. So, I did stop kissing him and get off his lap. "Um, so, you want me to call your family? You know, let them know where you are?" I asked. "Um, sure." he said. So, I quickly phoned them up and gave him the phone. When he was done, he sighed. "Something wrong?" I asked. "It's too late for them to come get me, so I'm guna stay at your house for the night." he said. "Yeah, okay." I said. He stood up. "Yoichi! What are you-?!" I was about to say, but he wasn't in pain. "It's cool. I'm a really fast healer." he said. "No one heals that fast." I said. "Well, it's not like I'm completely healed, but I'm a lot better than before." he said. I gave him an I-still-don't-believe-you look, but dropped the subject. "I need to stretch for a bit." he said. "Okay, but don't get in the way of the tv, there's a new 'Being Human' on (I love that show!)." I told him. "Okay!" he said. To be truthful, I was already tired and conked out in the first 10 minutes of the show. I woke up the next morning to face Yoichi.

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