• Eva went through the rest of the morning with out paying to much attention. The class went by in a blur.

    Then came lunch and as Eva stood in the lunch line waiting for her turn. A familiar hand messed with her hair. “Hey there Evee. So what’s good today?”

    Eva stepped from under the hand. “Rafi you know I hate that name! And it’s the meatball sub I would say.” She looked at Rafi. His real name was Raphael. But everyone called him Rafi. He had long curly hair. He had died it blond but his roots were showing they were showing. His faces showed his Italian heritage. He had almost black eyes. And a deep tan skin that was natural. “So what’s up Rafi?” she asked with a fake smile.

    Rafi frowned and got his face right up in Eva’s faces, “so what happened to my little Evee?” He put an arm around her shoulders and gave her a big hug. Anyone who didn't know him would think that he was being forward but Eva knew that he wasn't for one thing he didn't like girls that way. And the other thing he was doing this to hide the fact that he was really upset.

    “Jakob just broke up with me this morning that’s all. And as I told Adem I will be fine.” Eva blocked all her emotions about the break up. She just smiled.

    Rafi holds on her tighten and he said, “come on you know I am here for you. You can tell me what really happened.”

    He never looked at her directly but she knew that he could see her mask for what it was. She shocked his arm off her shoulders. She could feel her mask coming off. She was breaking apart so she told him part of it. “I’m ok really. It was just how he broke up with me. He said that it was because he was going away to college.” She felt tears coming to her face.

    Rafi’s hands where held so tight that the bones where showing. The he shook his head and the tightness was gone. “Hey could you buy my food to? Here is my shear of the cost,” He handed her a ten dollar bill. “I have nothing smaller. You can keep the change, ok.”

    “What are you having?” she asked. He always did this so she had no problem with it.

    “Same as you,” he called over his shoulder. “Oh and you are still coming to the party right?” he stopped and look at her.

    Eva looked back at him. “I don’t know.” She though about it a moment. Then she looked back into his puppy dog eyes.

    “Please, you just have to come. It won’t be as much fun with out you,” he pleaded with her.

    Eva cocked her head to the side and regarded him. “Ok I’ll come,” she said with a sigh. “You know that I can never say no to those eyes.”

    He gave her a knowing grin. “I know that’s why I do it. Ok, see you at 8 o’clock tonight. I will be picking you up last, ok?” He asked as he was walking away.

    “Yeah see you then,” she said. When he was out of sight she turned back to the front of the line.

    After she got their food. She was walking to the table she and her friends always sat. She heard Marie say Daniel’s name. She stopped and sat down at a table next to their table and hid her face.

    “That’s what she told me,” Rafi obviously had just finished telling them what she had told him about what had happened between herself and Jakob this morning. She sighed and continued listening. She should have known that he would never keep it a secret. Rafi was a good friend but he couldn't keep a secret for long.

    “I knew it! I knew it! I knew he would hurt her!” Marie was spiting mad. She was banding her fist on the table and stomping her feel.

    Adem said nothing. He just sat there staring at his food. Anyone who didn't know them would think that Marie was the bigger risk. And that Adem didn't care. But she knew that he was pissed off and if he saw Jakob right now he would most likely kill him.

    Eva chose that moment to join her friends, “hey guys, what are you all talking about?” She had on her mask. She handed Rafi his food, “here you go and her is you change.” She handed him his change.

    “Thanks. Yummy I love meatball subs so much.” He took a huge bite. Sauce and chess slid down either side of his mouth.

    Marie spoke first, “We were just going over tonight’s plans. That’s all. Rafi will text you when he is out side of your house. And I and Adem will already be in the car and then we are off to party!” She started to dance in her seat. They all laughed and thus lunch past by fast with each of them taking turns dancing in there seats.