• I screamed. The pain was too much, my heart was beating in my ears. I could see the blood, there was so much blood. I was only slightly aware of Yoichi picking me up. As he moved my body, the pain flared, and I dimly heard myself scream again. I dimly heard Yoichi hiss "********!" Everything I saw was in a hazy red blur. "Chiyo! You need to go get someone!" Yoichi yelled. I saw Chiyo nod and run away. "s**t! s**t! s**t! s**t! s**t! What were you thinking?!" he yelled. I couldn't speak, I just got hold of his hand. "You idiot. The guy is supposed to save the girl, remember?" he smiled, but tears went down his cheeks and landed on mine, making them look like my tears as they sailed down my cheeks. He leaned down and kissed me. Suddenly, there was a bright light. The light was full of differant, millions of colors. Dragon's blood crimson, ultra violet blue, rising sun yellow, and so much more. I felt warm, and at peace, almost like the peace that came before death. Than, everything went dark.

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