• It was saturday night in little town of Horror.Clara just said good buye to her friends and started walking to her home.She lived about 10 minutes walk from her current place.As always dogs were barking from houses,yards but there were also some on streets.
    "Nothing unusual",Clara thought and then she put her headphones on and played the music loudly so she cant hear the barking.
    Even tho she looked calm,there was a real panic in her head.
    "Don't look in their eyes,don't run,pass by like a ghost,if you don't pay attention to them-they won't pay attention to you"
    It seemed like she is looking houses,but she was actually searching for alternate escape if attack happens.It was nothing weird about her,that is her evening routine for now 10 years.
    She was passing near the playground when it happened.Five pariah dogs started barking after her.In panic she climped to 3 meters tall fence surrounding the playground.It was hard to keep balance up there.Her hands were shaking,whole body was sweating,adrenalin rushed to her heart.She was safe up there,but how long could she maintain.She decided to call her parents.They would come to pick her,they would scare the dogs away.She took the purse with one hand,while with other she held to the fence.She found her cellphone and started typing numbers in rush,but her hands were sweaty and shaking.She accidently dropped the phone in the herd of dogs.She was doomed.Why God doesn't like her?She needed a miracle.A hour passed and those animals were still there,It was almost two hours,and she was tired and needed to sleep.Her eyes were shutting down.And then,the dogs suddenly ran off.It is a miracle.They ran after a cat.Clara had to climb down.It was a problem.She could easily fall and break.She was slow,the dogs could return every minute.She did it.The moment she touched the ground she picked up her phone and started running.Dogs saw her and started chasing her.She noticed that door was open in nearby building.She hurried and entered the building and closed the door.Dogs were outside.She is safe now.She can sleep.The morning will come soon,and someone will chase the dogs away.She layed on the stairs and she saw her phone was ringing,the tone was off.It was her mother.There was about 10 missed calls,and all from her.She answered the call.The sound was crackling,her phone broke on the fall.
    "Are you alright sweetie?"
    "I'm ok mum"
    "I was worried,were are you?You didn't tell me that you're staying at your friend"
    "I'm not mum.I'm in building number 32,there are dogs in front,i can't leave!"
    "Do you want me to come to pick you up?"
    Clara looked at the dogs in front the building.They were scary,what if they attack her mum?Her mum is weak,she could not handle that.
    "Umm,no,don't come.I will come home in the morning"
    "Don't be silly Clara,I'm there in 5 minutes"
    "Mum,no,listen to me!"...her mum hung up the phone...
    Clara was double scared now,what should she do,mum will come,she can only pray.
    After few minutes she saw her mother parking the car.Mother left the car and went toward the building.Clara was knocking on the buidling door,screaming her not to come,but she did.The worst nightmare happened.Dogs attacked her mum,ripping her clothes,she was helpless.Clara was terrified,she was looking trough the glass how that beasts are eating her mother alive.She loved her most,what should she do.The pain in her chest was unbearable.She has to save her,its the only way.Clara left the building,took the brick she found near and threw it on one dog.Her mum was struggling with her bare hands.Two dogs turned around,one took Claras leg,and other was scratching her with his claws.She threw another block on the one bitting her leg.It killed the dog,but it also broke her foot.She felt strong like never before,she grabbed the other dog with her hands around the neck and started choking him.She felt no emotions,nothing,just black hole.Her mother,she didn't see her anymore.There was just two dogs.Furious Clara killed the two with her bare hands.She bitten one dog and ripped his flesh with her jaw.She was hitting the animal with brick so hardly it turned them to mash.She passed out.
    After some time she woke up in hospital.Her leg was in plaster,bandages were all over her body.Then she remembered,her mum."Where is she?MUM!"She creamed.The nurse came and told her the truth.It wasn't what she wanted to hear.It was much,much worse.Her mum was in intensive care.She was sick and weak,that's why she hardly took the attack.She had some kind of nerve illnes.Her muscles were weak,and her bones easy breakable.Even a flu could turn deadly to her.Clara known that,and also know that her mothers body is having a big problem with curing these injuries.Nurses weren't sure did dogs have rabies,so they gave Clara and her mother the serum.Clara took it well,but her mother couldn't take it.The doctor said they don't have to worry about that.Dog with rabies is always alone,and not in herd with others....The recovery of Claras mother was slow.After 2 years her mother died.Not because the dog attack,but because her illness .Clara knows that,but she still blames the dogs.She hates them so bad that she kills any dog that dares to come near or enter her yard.She kills them with an axe.The neighborhood kids once saw her doing.They told that to the elders,but noone called the police or something.Do they know her pain,or they are just scared of her?In one or other case,they call her Mad.