• I opened my eyes, I was in a room a small room. It was white, no furniture just a small white room with no doors or windows. Then all of a sudden i could see myself. I was just standing there, no emotion, my eyes were black and cold. All i had on was what looked like a hospital outfit it wasn't white like the room, it was stark black. My nails were black to and so was the skin around my nails, it looked like they had been stained in some black liquid.
    I wanted to reach out and touch myself i wanted to ask what was wrong, what are you looking at, but i couldn't all i could do was watch myself stare at a white wall like something was going to happen. I wanted to scream i wanted to do something but my body wouldn't move. Then the body that looked identical to mine but dressed in black turned, the face still had that dumb look on its face. The body started to walk, slow steps, smooth and soft. When it reached the wall the body stopped. Turned its head and looked at me or it seemed like it was looking at me. The body put one hand on the white wall it was facing and pushed. The wall fell apart slowly and when it completely disappeared the body turned its head to look back at where the white wall had been, all that was there was darkness it was all black.
    The body walked into the blackness. I wanted to follow the body that looked like me I struggled and then suddenly i started to walk, I didn't have control i wanted to go look around but i couldn't i automatically walked to the dark space.
    I couldn't see anything, my head turned and looked around, then i could see someone dressed in red but her hair was white, she looked like a girl, i could see she was very young, but i couldn't see her face. I stared for a while wondering what was she doing out there, who was she? Why is she dressed in red? The girl in red started to walk towards me, and as she came closer i could see her white hair covered her eyes. I noticed her lips were curled into a twisted evil smile. She was now only a few feet away and she started to laugh. Her teeth were jagged and sharp looking. The girl reached out both of her arms and put her palms right side up. And whispered "Good-Bye pretty place" and it all stopped. The dream was over i wanted to learn more i wanted to talk to the red girl i wanted to see more. I lay in bed and pondered the meaning of the dream and finally gave up and went on about my day, and around noon when i was leaving a park i was visiting with my friends i heard a little girl say "Good-Bye pretty place" I stopped and looked at the little girl she was in a red shirt and black pants her hair was so blond it looked like it was white, and her bangs covered up most of eyes. I didn't say anything and just walked away.