• “Come on just one more time?”, “Nobody will notice the change; it won’t be in the news or anything no one will find out. Come on just one last time.”
    “Shut up!” I screamed, “I don’t care if nobody does find out. I'm not going to do it ever again and you should know that.”
    “You’re pathetic and weak; I have no idea why you were chosen to be my host. I should have tried to find some kind of jock like I used to in the past, but stupid, stupid me. I thought ‘hey maybe if I find somebody different and normal I could have more fun and power’.”
    “Well that was your mistake; you shouldn’t even be here in my body with me now. The only problem is that I don’t know how to get rid of you. You’re like a goddamn drug, full of nicotine.” I said getting off my couch.
    My house was pitch dark, the reason? Because of the monster inside of me I could no longer be in the daylight, because it's some age old demon buried in the ground. Shut away from the sunlight for thousands of years and just recently has been infecting people, one at a time to try and cause as much chaos as possible to become stronger.
    And just recently it decides that I would be a great new host. I got up from the couch turning on the lights; my body flinched as a reaction, even normal light made me uncomfortable. I went into the master bedroom, I don’t even know why I have a bedroom anymore, I don’t sleep. Ever. I went into the closet and got my uniform on for the night shift at the construction yard.
    I used to work as one of the main chiefs in charge but then I found the stone… the stone contained the demon. It was a pitch black skull with blood coming out of its eye sockets and with blue demon wings coming out of the back of it. I thought it was cool at first, it took it home…. Then that night I first changed, into the demon.
    I don’t remember that night, but the thing that infested my mind told me in great detail what happened. Ten dead, torn to pieces, it was on the morning news and nobody knew what happened. No d.n.a, no footprints, nothing. At first I thought it was just a bad dream, then the voice kept talking to me, telling me where it had come from, what its purpose was, and what my role was.
    I tried to go to a therapist but as soon as I scheduled something, they would end up dead, all of them, every time. So it finally told me that there was no helping me, I was it's to own, until either I got killed by somebody else or it was done with me.
    I tried to have people kill me, my family had died three years prior and I didn’t really have friends because I was working too much. I tried to have random strangers do it but they just either laughed and walked away or just walked away.
    I finally gave in and let it control me, that was until it did the massacre. 200 people dead, burned alive, inside a hospital. As soon as that happened I knew it had to end. I fought against it with my very soul, I gave everything I could and finally with me near dead, due to fighting myself I subdued it. At least I thought so, then it started out as a whisper then over a year it came back to its full self again.
    I was devastated that I had to continue to live with the nightmare, but took it in stride, so that I wouldn’t falter and give it control again.
    I finished getting ready, I locked the door as I headed out, and I got into the elevator. Pushing the basement button to the garage a voice stopped me short.

    “Wait! Please can you hold the door?” shouted a female voice.

    I stopped the door and held it for the unknown woman. The woman was only Tayla, my next door neighbor. She worked at a night time restaurant as a waitress.

    “Oh, hey Kade. Thanks for stopping I'm running a little later than usual.” She said standing against the far wall.

    “Yeah sure anytime.” I said pressing the button again.

    The elevator started down with silent movement, “So I don’t see you much anymore Kade, what’s going on?” she asked flashing those icy blue eyes at me.

    Tayla and I used to date before the demon, I was going to ask her to marry me, but then the killings started. I told her that I couldn’t be with her right then because of issues that were going on, she only said “ok.” Softly and walked away, with tears glistening in her eyes.

    “Nothing much just been working night shifts now.” I said cracking her a small smile.