• “Oh my god! I can’t believe you went on a date with him!” Briana screams. It is Monday morning. Steph is driving us to school, listening to, what I describe it as, the perfect date.
    “How could you! You are so not my best friend anymore!” She screamed.
    “Why? What is so wrong about going on a date with David? Its not like I’m dating 2 guys at once,” I exclaimed.
    “What is wrong? Are you kidding me! You refuse to listen to my advice on not to get in the way with the V-crew, you went on a date without telling me before hand, and on top of that, you were out gallivanting with some guy when I needed you most!”
    “Will you two stop? Briana, Anna can date who she wants, and Anna you need to be aware of who you date before the V-crew catches on,” yelled Steph.
    “Oh all right I’ll let it go this one time…but Anna I really needed you,” Briana said.
    “What are you talking about? What did I miss?” I asked.
    “Well…to start it off…I broke up with Ray...”
    “Well I thought he was a keeper because you actually managed to stay with a guy past Friday,” Steph said sarcastically.
    “Ha Ha very funny. Well I caught him kissing one of Sophia’s groupies…what was that sluts name…oh yeah…Melissa…what a whore!”
    “What a b***h! Well at least you had a reasonable answer to dump a guy this time,” I said. Steph and I burst out laughing.
    “Ok are you two done…but Anna…seriously…next time you hit on a guy make sure that Sophia’s radar isn’t on him.”
    “Well…well…well…it seems that Briana has some good advice…”
    “What do you want? Did you run out of condoms?” Steph said.
    “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that. Anyway…Anna I heard that you went on a date with David and I thought you might like to know that he is off-limits. He’s mine,” said Sophia.
    “Well for your information he asked me out.” I snapped back.
    “Whatever…oh and Briana…Melissa met the nicest boy on Friday…Ray was it?”
    “He is so cute…and he’s a great kisser” Melissa said. Melissa blows Briana a kiss.
    “You little slut!” Briana screamed as she lunged towards Melissa, forcing her to the ground.
    “Fight! Fight!” Whistles came from all the guys around them.
    “You better watch your back” Sophia warned as she helped Melissa off the floor.
    “You better watch yours” Steph said as they walked away. Carmen, one of Sophia’s groupies, turns around and snickers.
    “I wonder what they’re planning.” I ask.
    “I don’t know but you need to clear things out with David first. As in now…”