• *Diamond scoffs and laughs*
    Diamond-you think i care about you pathetic mortals?if she wasn't so weak maybe she would be able to stop me before i i opened her rib cage
    *Emerald glares at as tears start to form*
    Emerald-your despicable you make me so ashamed by the fact we're sisters
    Diamond-oh really?what are you gonna do about it?are you gonna fight me or are you gonna go sit in the garden playing with your plants and cry like you always do?
    *Emerald starts growling,Ruby puts her paw on Emerald to stop her and looks at Diamond sadly and sighs*
    Ruby-i`m disapointed in you Diamond
    Diamond-heh then why don't you join the club with your so-called 'parents'?
    Ruby-thats not the kind of disapointment i feel towards you
    Diamond-then what kind is it my dear old sister?
    Ruby-the kind of disapointment when your elder sister is dying or crying you stand there smiling and watching as they suffer,i thought i could forgive you for anything you would do but i can't hold my tongue anymore you have commited unforgivable acts
    Diamond-you sound like that annoying judge
    Ruby-don't interupt while i`m talking,Diamond i no longer can see you as my sister as of this day until you seek forgiveness for your crimes your as dead to me as your victims now leave my presence before i do something you regret
    *Diamond chuckles*
    Diamond-why sister your sure fired up today
    Ruby-i wasn't joking Leave
    *Diamond glares at then scoffs*
    Diamond-i`m only leaving because i want to not because of you heh see you in a few centuries
    *Diamond smirks and takes off running towards the gate,stops all the sudden*
    Diamond-what the?stupid legs
    *turns around and starts running to a small den*
    Diamond-why won't my legs listen to me?
    *slows running and walks in den,see's Sapphire lying unconcious bandaged up and chuckles*
    Diamond-those bitches must of put a charm on my legs to make me see my handi-work as long as i`m here might as well finish the job
    *starts extending claws goes to slice jugular when paw stops*
    Diamond-okay what the hell is going on?
    *a growl comes from Diamond*
    Diamond-why am i growling?
    ?-did you seriously think i`d sit back and watch you try to kill her?you aren't gonna lay a dirty paw on her you mutt
    Diamond-how dare you insult me,do you have any idea who i am?
    ?-a filthy,ill-tempered b***h?
    Diamond-why don't you say that to my face instead of hiding?
    ?-i don't have any intention of doing that
    Diamond-why?are you scared?
    ?-of what you?
    Diamond-yes your a coward who hides behind magic thats why you won't come out and face me
    ?-thats not the reason
    Diamond-then what is coward?
    ?-becuase i don't see why i should obey the weak i don't serve the weak
    Diamond-how dare you call me weak and only the weak would hide behind their magic rather then face someone straight on
    ?-well then you certainly have a bad habit of pestering people,your constent whinning is getting on my nerves
    Diamond-enough that you wanna fight?
    ?-your not even a tenth of a threat to even bother fighting but to stop your constent yammering i will show you my appearence
    Diamond-oh really?and what makes you think that when i see you i won't attack you?
    ?-you'd only bring harm to yourself
    Diamond-you wish coward where should we meet?
    ?-we should meet near the lake that grows lilacs
    Diamond-ugh but its so annoying to go there and its time consuming
    ?-stop with your whinning you mutt
    Diamond-when i see you i`m sooo gonna break one of your legs
    ?-your feeble threats hold no intrest to me,now hurry it up
    Diamond-i still don't see why you stopped me from finishing her off
    ?-because i care for her and i would hate to have to kill you as much as i want to i don't want Ruby and Emerald to suffer the loss of 2 sisters
    ?-brainless mutt
    Diamond-i hate you
    ?-and yet i could carless
    *Diamond turns and walks out of den turns to Sapphire*
    Diamond-i'll see you again sis
    ?-and if you try to touch her i`ll kill you,Sapphire if you ever wake up then take care of your self
    *Diamond grumbles then runs off towards lake*