• The salty air whipped against my cheeks. His hands were over my eyes, but I knew where we were. "Can I look yet?" I asked, giggling. "No!" He said, laughing. "You're not going to make me walk into a tree, are you?" I asked jokingly. "You never know.." He chuckled. I could hear the rushing water crash against the rocks. "Just a few more steps.." He said, leading me towards whichever spot he was choosing. I could feel the thick sand covering my flip-flopped feet, making it hard to walk. He came to an abrupt stop, and removed his hands from my eyes. "Ta-da!" He said grinning a huge goofy grin. The beach. The beautiful beach. The place I knew he was going to take me from the second he took me into his dad's old car, told me not to look, stopped in a salt smelling area, and put his hands over my eyes. He put his arms around my waist, pulling me in. I grinned a wide grin. "I just knew you were going to take me here.." I said smiling. He pulled me down with him into his arms. We collapsed onto the sand, giggling.
    "I love you." He whispered, as the sun was lowering down, and the sky was a hazy pink sunset with wispy clouds. I looked at him. A smile spread across my face as I held him close to my body. "I love you too.." I answered. "Take that hair out of your eyes.." He whispered. He pushed back my brown wavy hair that covered my right water color eye. "Why?" I asked, grinning. I knew the answer. I just wanted to hear him say it in that perfect voice of his. "Because your eyes are like beautiful diamonds. Diamonds I'd like to see and keep.." He replied. I grinned. Just the answer I wanted.
    As the sun went down, my eyes started to droop. I was tired. He held me close to him. The warmness of his body reflected to me, making me even more drowsy. "Good night, precious.." He whispered as I drifted off to the sound of waves crashing against the shore.
    I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. I looked beside to me to see Kevin knocked out, asleep. I checked who was calling. It was mother! I quickly glanced at the clock on my phone. 12:06am! Nervously, I answered the phone. "H..H..Hello?" I said, my voice shaky. "WHERE ARE YOU?" Mom's voice was anxious, terrified, and angered. I bit my lip, not sure how to reply. There was no possible way to lie. I had told mother that I was going out with Kevin, and that we'd be back at 6pm. I opened my mouth to reply, but mother cut me off. "I HAVE CALLED YOU TEN TIMES!" She shouted into the phone. "I'm sorry." I replied, not sure what to say. This wasn't the first time something like this has happened, and mother was really starting to dislike Kevin, and losing trust in me. "TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE." She shouted. "The beach." I replied, trying to sound calm. "I'm coming to pick you up." Her voice was raspy from yelling, and it was a low growl now. "Okay.." I said quickly hanging up the phone.
    I shook Kevin awake. "Huh?" Kevin said, in a complete daze. "My mother.." I said worriedly. "What?" He asked. He abruptly sat up, noticing my worried face. "It's 12am, and my mother is furious. She's coming to pick me up now." I said in a short, worried, summary. Kevin smacked his forehead. "I'm so sorry!" He cried. "I shouldn't have let myself fall asleep.. You think I would've learned after the fifth time.." He muttered. "Do you think my mother won't let me see you anymore?" I asked, worriedly. Kevin gave me a hopeful grin. "Your mother has always forgiven you." He said, kissing my cheek. "Don't worry.." He whispered.
    The second I saw mother pull up her car, I slowly trudged to it. Unfortunately, she got out of the car. The second she did I knew she was going to make a scene. She walked towards Kevin, who stood up, looking incredibly brave. Her face looked terrifying. A face of such hate and anger. She walked up to him, and asked, "How could you say you would bring my daughter home by 6, and still not have her back by 12?!" She hollered. "I am very sorry, Ms. Elliot. I have no clue what I was thinking. I am sorry to anger you this way." He didn't flinch, and his voice didn't quiver. "Sorry doesn't cover it." She muttered. She grabbed me by the arm, and pulled me towards the car. "Do not EVER come near my daughter AGAIN!" She shouted. "Stop it, mother!" I hollered. I was ready to kick, hit, do whatever it takes.. But nothing worked.