• Chapter two: Meeting

    She walked down the long pristine hallway, heading toward the winding staircase, when she was stopped by a girl giving her a strange look. She didn’t like it, so she threw the girl against the wall. “What do you stare at? Why do you test me, girl?” The girl just stared at Cecily for a while, and then grabbed her arm, twisted it around, got down from her grasp and threw her to the ground. “Ugly demon, you messed with the wrong person!” the girl yelled as she reached into a black bag and pulled out a wooden stake. She threw her arm back and let it lunge forward. Cecily rolled out of the way, grabbed her umbrella, and sprinted down the hall. The girl stood up and let the stake fall to her side.
    As Cecily ran down the winding stairs and into the lobby, she stopped in front of the front desk and asked, “Thank you for letting me stay, I’ll be going now,” she cocked her head at the sleeping man at the desk. She grabbed his neck and lifted him upward. He jolted awake and started squirming and clawing at her hands, wheezing and throwing his legs about. “It’s quite rude to just sit there and stare. I was speaking.” Her face changed and she sunk her fangs into his neck. She drained the life from him as all the people around screamed and ran out of the inn. She causally dropped the lifeless carcass to the ground and wiped her mouth. She heard screams from outside and like a magnet, gravitated toward them.
    When she reached outside, she saw a large group of people, with pitchforks, torches, and scythes. A man in a cloak was surrounded by the townspeople fending them off, breaking their necks and throwing them back. He was doing an excellent job, too. That smell, it was so familiar. She sniffed the air once again. Then it hit her. She ran faster than she had ever run before. She pushed past the people and raced to the top of the heap of bodies the vampire was standing on. “You! It’s you! You’re the one who made me this! Who’s been killing all the people! The people I wanted to have for myself!” The man turned and gave her a white smile. His whole face except his mouth was shadowed. The torches’ flickering light made his face strobe. “Cecily, so nice of you to join me.”