• Thinking back on it Anna shouldnt have yelled at her mom like that. Her family just moved to the town Hollowground a day ago and she wasnt takeing it well at all.
    "Oh i shouldnt feel bad, she did make me leave all my friends and my school to come here after all."
    After argueing with her mom Anna had ran out the door and down there streat. This town was known for its fog but tonight it wasnt so bad. She had ran so fast and hard by the time she stoped Anna could hardly breath. now she was on the ground fighting back tears.
    "Where am I?"
    There was a sighn above her head that said Citygrave. Oh why did she have to stop by the graveyeard. Standing pu Anna heard the sound of music, it was a bace and a loud one at that. Why not, she thought as she started walking to the sorce of the noice. the graveyeard was darker then the streat and she had to be cairful not to fall over one of the headstones. The sound was getting louder as she got to the oldre graves. The walk took almost ten minuts and when she got to the patr where the music was loudest no one was there.
    Lookinf around she say nothing really out of place, except a rather large mosuleaum. That must be where it is, she thought. when she reached the door she just poened it enough to peack inside. no onw was there though.
    "Ok whats going on here. I know theres someone playing music here."
    Running her hand thorgh her long plack hair she stoped at the end and played with it. She looked down at her cloth. Her Knock Um Dead t-shirt and blue jeans didnt scream goth but it would have to do. She walked in hopping she just missed seeing them, but the room was empty. Except for the candle with a blue flame on the back wall.........