Prologue- demon blade
    Once there was a peaceful time when people could travel anywhere they wanted to. But when ninjas took over they were forced to be careful wherever they went. But the ninjas weren't real ninjas they were just guys in a ninja costume.
    But there are ninjas who are real and are fighting to free the people from the fake ninjas and their leader who wield the demon blade. The demon blade has a soul of a demon in it, is so powerful that it can take hundreds of ninja and defeat every last one. There is only one blade that can match its power, the Ryou (dragon) blade.
    As a ninja has a chance to get the Ryou blade. But because blades choose who wields them it would take someone with tremendous power to get chosen by the Ryou blade. Some people hope that the wielder of the Ryou blade will appear and defeat the demon blade
    Ninjas train in the village of shadows. Only people who train there can become true ninjas. The day ninjas become full ninjas they go to the village of light to get their sword. Then they set off on a journey.
    Chapter 1- Chris
    Chris is a boy who is training to become a ninja. He is the strongest ninja in his class. He is trained the fighting style of the pouncing tiger. Tomorrow he is going to become a full ninja and so he will set off on his journey.

    Chris the ninja
    "I should probably leave for the village of light. But I should see sensei first." said Chris. When he got to sensei's house sensei was meditating. Chris went over to join him.
    "Hello Chris how are you doing?"
    "I'm fine sensei. I came to tell you I'm leaving for the village of light."
    "I have something for you before you leave." sensei went into his house and when he came out he had a box. "This is for you it is paper for using nindo just write the word on the paper and throw it at your target."
    "Thank you sensei I greatly appreciate this." said Chris
    "Now go, you have a big day tomorrow."
    As Chris was traveling to the city of light he heard rustling in the bush. "Come out. I know your there." nobody came so Chris took out a nindo paper and wrote fire and threw it at the bush.

    Right before the bush set on fire a shadow jumped out. It was Chris's brother mike. "Hey, watch where you're throwing that." said mike.
    "Why are you out here." said Chris
    "Great news I'm becoming ninja too." said Mike
    "Then why were you hiding."
    "I heard someone coming so I was going to sneak attack."
    "Wait, let's travel together."
    "I don't think so." Chris wrote transport on his nindo paper and he disappeared.
    Chapter 2- real ninja
    "Good I'm finally here. So this is the village of light." said Chris
    "Are you Chris the ninja?" asked a hooded man.
    "Yes I am."
    "Follow me."
    When Chris was about to ask who he was he started walking. "Might as well follow." said Chris. When the man stopped he told Chris to stay in a house until tomorrow.
    The next day when Chris went to the ceremony he saw the swords and the village elder. "Today you have come all the way from the village of shadow, you have trained to become ninjas and you stand here to become full ninjas and to get your ninja blades when I call your name come up to the circle of swords. Chris the ninja." said the village elder.
    As Chris stepped up the swords started trembling then they stood up. As he waited for something to happen, the swords started glowing red hot like they had been stuck in lava. "This is weird. Now what do I do?" asked Chris. The swords were glowing so red that it was blinding.
    "This has never happened before. Could this mean that he will get the…" said the village elder.
    Then a form a dragon came out. When it disappeared one sword stood in front of Chris it was the. "Chris the ninja you have received the Ryou blade. You are now a true ninja."
    "Thank you. This is truly a great honor to receive the Ryou blade. I will be the best ninja I can be and bring honor to all ninjas everywhere." said Chris
    As Chris was walking home he heard whispers from villagers like "Isn't that the boy who got the Ryou blade." and "He got lucky." from other ninja. "Why did the Ryou blade come to me?" said Chris "I have to tell sensei."
    On the walk home Chris saw Mike. "Hey Chris." yelled Mike
    "Hey Mike. What blade did you get it must be something strong." said Chris
    "I got the koori (ice) blade. I can turn anything to ice with one hit. I know that you got the Ryou blade. You must be must be like crazy strong. Come on lets duel."
    "Lets go." said Chris "Wait we don't even know any moves." said Chris. Just as he finished the sentence lots of move flashed through his head and by the look on Mikes face he just had the same thought. "Okay now let's go."
    "Bring it on." said Mike. Just as the battle started sensei came.
    "Hello you two having a spar are you." He said.
    "Oh hello sensei we were trying out our ninja blades." said mike "Why are you in the forest?"
    "Just taking a stroll through the forest." said sensei
    "Okay." said mike "Wait Chris just disappeared, he was just here?"
    "A ninja never stays in one place for too long."
    "I guess Chris knows that by heart."
    "Of course he does."
    Chapter 3-adventure
    "Well now that I'm a ninja what do I do now." said Chris "Where should I go." As Chris was thinking he got it. "Since I'm the chosen one I should set out on an adventure. I must train to defeat the demon blade. I shall be the strongest ninja ever."
    "Yeah right my master is way stronger than you." said a voice from nowhere
    "Who's there come out and fight."
    "Start your adventure and eventually, we will. Next time we'll fight."
    "I must train and become stronger. My journey starts tomorrow. I'll head to the forest and then blood road." So Chris slept and the next morning he set out. He had all his supplies food and water, his nindo paper, extra clothes, kunai, and the Ryou blade. "I'll be back sensei and mike, tell everybody I've left."
    "Come back safely Chris. I'll tell mom and dad that you've left." said mike
    "Today you bring honor to our entire village." said sensei
    "Goodbye sensei."
    "Goodbye Chris the ninja."
    So Chris set out on his adventure to become the best ninja and defeat the demon blade. "First I should go to blood road that's where the fake ninja patrol." so Chris went and there they were. "Hey "ninjas" I will defeat you and your master. Instantly he was surrounded. "Dragon shockwave." a burst of energy defeated all "ninjas" easily. "More easy than I thought."
    So he went on thinking what to do. He needed to train but all the fake ninjas were too easy he needed to find a stronger opponent. As he walked by a wall he stopped, there on the wall was a ninja tournament poster. "This might be a trick, but I could defeat them anyway."
    He headed in the direction of the tournament he had his sword ready at all times in case of an attack. "I should be ready for anything." said Chris. Out of nowhere a fake ninja attacked, but Chris caught him before he could even pull out his sword. "That was too easy."
    "I know" said a voice behind him.
    "Mike did you follow me all the way here"
    "Pretty much." said mike
    "Go home."
    "No I'm coming with you."
    Chris wrote transport home on his nindo paper and stuck it on mikes forehead. Mike disappeared. "Finally he's gone."
    "I'm still here."
    "Let me guess a clone" said Chris
    "It was a clone."
    "Go home already."
    "I don't feel like it."
    "Then lets spar if I win you go home."
    "And if I win."
    "You can come with me."
    "It's a deal."
    "Let's go."
    So they sparred Chris used his Ryou blade and Mike used hid Koori blade. Chris started. "Dragon emperor strike."
    "Ice dodge." said Mike. "Ice barrage." a whole bunch of ice shards came toward Chris.
    "Dragon blast." A spirit dragon took down mike easily.
    "Whoa you're crazy strong."
    "Go home now."
    "Fine but when you come back I want a rematch"
    "I'll win anyway."
    "Whatever." and mike left to go home. Chris was relieved that he was gone.
    "It's about time he went home." said Chris "Now I can go to the tournament."
    As Chris traveled he thought about if he should really go to the tournament and fight. Since he had the Ryou blade it wouldn't be a fair fight. But he needed to get stronger so he can defeat the demon blade and bring peace to the land.
    As the stadium came into view Chris saw a crowd of ninjas trying to enter. "This must be a really big tournament if all these ninja came." said Chris.
    "Are you Chris the ninja who owns the Ryou blade." asked a man behind Chris. Chris said yes and the man said. "I might as well not enter. With the Ryou blade you are unstoppable."
    "I plan to only try to come in third place. That way people won't notice me as much." said Chris. But he didn't know who would be waiting at final round to see if he won.
    "Oh then I'll enter." said the man.
    Hmm. people are actually scared that they will fight the Ryou blade thought Chris. "Is the Ryou blade that powerful?" said Chris out loud.
    Chris walked up to the signup sheet and wrote his name and went into the waiting room to prepare. He concealed his kunai, and tightened his headband. He polished the Ryou blade and tightened his headband. He did a few practice slashes with the Ryou blade. He then counted his nindo paper. "Okay I'm ready. Let's do this thing."
    When the contestants were called to the field he saw many other ninja some were even from his old class. "Okay in the first round we have Katy the kunoichi (female ninja) Vs. John the shinobi (male ninja)." said the official. As the matches went on Chris noticed that he was being watched by a guy with red eyes. He also was giving Chris an evil look.
    I have to be careful with that guy, he looks dangerous. Chris thought to himself.
    As the tournament progressed Chris blew trough the competition. It was like they weren't even trying. "This is too easy. This can't be the most challenging ninjas." said Chris, but still the red eye guy seemed like a threat.
    "The finals and we're down to two ninja. Chris the ninja and Akuma (demon) the ninja will be the final contestants." said the official.
    "I had planned to come in third place but I guess I was to strong." said Chris to his opponent.
    "Don't get cocky kid." said Akuma pulling out his secondary weapon. A long chained scythe with two blades instead of one was his weapon.

    "So you're going to start with your secondary weapon instead of your blade?" asked Chris.
    Wait he's the voice from the path. "You're the person from before aren't you?"
    "Quit your babbling and let's fight already." He threw one end his weapon and Chris barely dodged it. Before Akuma could recover his weapon Chris attacked. He slashed at Akuma but he dodged then knocked Chris's weapon out of his hand.
    "You're good kid but too slow." Akuma then dropped his own weapon and took his fighting stance. Chris recognized it. He was using the white lotus style. Chris took his fighting stance, the pouncing tiger.
    "No one can best the white lotus style" said Akuma
    "Whatever lets go." they quickly started in a furious fight. A punch then a kick then they were soaring every which way. They went so fast that it was hard to see them.
    "It's time to end this fight. I'll use Spinning tiger rocket." Chris said. He leaped up in and started spinning so fast that it was possible to see the air flow around him. He then launched himself off a wall and rocketed towards Akuma. It seemed like Akuma would be defeated but in a second Akuma stopped him with one hand. He then flung Chris at the same wall he had launched off of.
    "The winner is Akuma the ninja." said the Official.
    Akuma walked up to Chris and said "And you think you could defeat the demon lord." Akuma laughed and left. Then Chris passed out.
    Chapter5- defeat
    Chris lied on a bed passed out, when he suddenly woke up. "Where am I, how did I get here."Chris said as he woke up. He was about to get up when a lady in a white dress with yellow hair walked up and pushed him back down.
    "You must rest, lie down." said the lady.
    Chris winced as he tried to get up again. "Where am I?" he remembered his battle with Akuma. That why he was injured, but still where was he.
    "You're in the hospital. You've been out for several days. I thought that the worse might have happened." she said.
    "Is there a messenger nearby?" Chris said barely being able to move. He told the nurse what to write and to send the message to Mike Ahari.
    Dear Mike,
    I need you to get to the hospital fast. Bring along clothes and food. Also bring your ninja gear.
    From, Chris

    Chris lay in bed while he recounted the battle. "Maybe I'm just not that strong." He shook his head. "No, I am strong; I am the partner to the Ryou blade, and proud shinobi of the village of darkness." Chris said. "I will defeat the demon blade and bring peace to the land." After that he fell asleep for 5 hours.
    When he woke up he saw Mike next to him. "Hey bro, how's it going." said Mike. Mike had all his ninja equipment and was ready to go.
    "Not good, I lost the tournament." said Chris
    "I heard. It traveled to our village fast." Mike said.
    "I wanted to ask if you will come on the journey with Me." said Chris. Mike danced with joy.
    "Sure I'll come with you." said Mike excitedly. The nurse walked in and told him that he could leave tomorrow.

    "Fine, tomorrow we will leave for chidooro (blood road) in the morning." said Chris.
    "Chris you just need to calm down. Take it easy." said Mike relaxing.
    "No flirting with the nurse." said Chris irritated.
    "So you were saying about leaving." Mike said fast.
    "Some things never change with him." Chris thought to himself. It was almost funny the way Mike acted sometimes. "So how has sensei and mom been?" asked Chris.
    "Ah, well sensei is the same as ever. And mom is pretty much in, well MOM mode right now so when I got that letter from you I rushed here."

    "And how's your training coming along?" asked Chris, curios to see just what Mike had learned from his training.
    "Well, if you must know…" said Mike going into bragging mode AGAIN.
    "Uh huh, yeah great." said Chris going back to sleep.
    "Wow, a guy starts talking and instantly he went to sleep." said Mike looking at the nurse.
    "No flirting." said Chris in his sleep.
    "How is that even possible!" Mike said with amazement.
    Chapter- 6 ready to go
    The next morning after Chris woke up. He and Mike (who had been looking at the nurse again when Chris woke up) set out for chidooro. They first went to go get supplies such as nindo paper for Mike, and to get some new clothes. Since Chris's were destroyed in the fight.
    "Hmm, I wonder if Ryou is ok." said Chris. He took the Ryou blade from it's sheathe. It seemed in perfect condition. "Even after the fight, Ryou is still in perfect condition. No wonder this blade is so powerful."
    "I have to clean mine. But it's very easy, because after I strike down my opponent it turns the blood to ice and makes it fall off." said Mike. He seemed very fascinated with his blade. It was as if he was determined to find out every little thing about it. "Well… after we get to chidooro, what do we do?
    "We look for tournaments to enter." Chris said flatly.
    "Wow real original, Chris." Mike groaned.
    "Whatever, we need to get stronger. I can't defeat the demon lord all by myself."
    "What ever dude…" Mike mumbled.

    Chapter-7 Tournament of death
    On the way to chidooro, Mike kept playing with his nindo paper.
    "Mike, stop playing with those." Chris said as a floating ghost circled around him.
    "Whatever…" Mike seemed too happy for this journey, but Chris needed all the help he could get. And the koori blade was a really strong sword, even if the wielder acted like a child. Mike dispelled the ghost and they continued on the journey.
    As the day progressed they came upon a path that Chris had failed to notice the first time he passed, on one side there was a sign that said Road to Tekukachiri, "Hmm Tekukachiri, Mike pull out your translation guide," Chris took the piece of paper from his brother and read it out loud.

    A- ka * B- zu * C- mi * D- te * E- ku * F- lu * G- ji * H- ri * I- ki * J-zu * K- me * L- ta * M- rin * N- to * O-mo * P- no * Q- ke * R- shi *S- ari * T-chi * U- do * V- ru * W-mei * X- na * Y- fu * Z- zi

    "Hmm from this translation it says Road to Death… it must be a trap for unsuspecting travelers who have no time to translate," It was lucky that they avoided the trap or else… who knows what would be at the end of that road. "Let's continue to Chidooro."