• Time is an essence, a thing without beginning or end. While many mortals attempted to postulate that time had a period where it sprung into existence, these were simply fantasy, and nothing more. Like Time, the Observers were a thing without beginning or end. Able to remember everything that was, and able to see everything that will be, the Observers were tasked with keeping Time intact. You see, Time is not something that flows, like a river rushing between two riverbanks. No, Time is more akin to a very fine fibre of dull glass holding the foundation of reality together. Unnoticeable, yet so fragile and brittle, that any unaware fool may shatter it, and so cause the universe to collapse in on itself. So, the Observers wandered through time, diverting anyone who strayed too close to the path of total destruction. He Who Watches From Darkness was one such Observer, as stoic and lacking in personality as all the rest. He remembered how the planet he resided on got to be in the state that it was. He remembered how they had only managed to save three mortals, two of which ending their own lives in horror. He felt no regret at this, before leaving the remaining mortal to her insanity, thinking she wasn’t alone.
    It had been seven years prior, when Humanity believed itself to be at its finest hour. Several dark singularities were mere hours from colliding with the planet. Unwilling to suffer the excruciating pain of atomic deconstruction, several million humans took their own lives. As a last resort, the government of every nation met, hoping to prevent destruction. Combining several of the experimental programs of the individual governments, they managed to create a gravity-well cannon so massive; it was capable of drawing the singularities into each other, dispelling them. That was the theory for the device, at least. Unbelieving of the soul, the humans never considered what the excess gravity might do to them. Drawing the souls into the point of contact of the singularities, the Anomaly was created. A being of gluttony and rage, it was a being so powerful and ravenous, it slipped into the second dimension, and began absorbing the fabric of reality into itself. Sensing the danger, the Observers followed it, hoping to erase the creature from reality, something so twisted and unnatural; the knowledge of the process was not bestowed upon them.
    He Who Watches From Darkness was not there for the battle that ensued, but knew it would have made no difference. Dark Singularities are abominations of natural creation, so powerful as to defy the Universe that attempted to destroy them. The Anomaly was birthed from three such entities, and given sentience by the fears of regrets of the most hopeless mortals. Omniscience is a boon that may help destroy anything of the Universe, but the Anomaly was not, and so the Observers knew nothing of it. Hundreds of He Who Watches From Darkness’ brothers were taken into the Anomaly, giving it strength, and only increasing its hunger. He did not mourn them. He simply plotted, trying to formulate a plan of defense, as the anomaly fully consumed the second, and then the first Dimensions. Then, the Anomaly made it back to the Dimension of its birth, re-entering the third Dimension, and eating away at the outer fringes of reality. The Humans, most too weak of fortitude to withstand the destruction of the lower Dimensions, died, feeding the Anomaly. It was then that a power, higher than any known to Existence, stepped in, destroying the Anomaly in as brief a time as it would take to record the event.
    It had taken seven years for the Anomaly to reach its end, and by the time it had, most of the third Dimension was gone, leaving only three mortals left. Two of them took their own lives the next day, leaving the third, a young girl, to fend for herself, lost in a reality that was not true. The Observers went back to their eternal duty of defending Time, but had lost many of their number in the war, and were immensely underhanded. It was as such, that they failed to notice, when the girl performing yoga moved into Tolasana, that the perfect alignment of her spine and the three remaining stars formed a line so perfect and sharp, it collided with that of Time, destroying it. Allowing this to happen is and was the only thing that He Who Watches From Darkness ever regretted. It all happened in a period so short, it has no name to define it, yet lasted all of eternity.
    You ask me for a hamburger. Everything folds into a single point, where everything that ever was, is, or would have been met, and had brunch together. There were colors of brilliant green, purple, and chartreuse, but not green, because green is not a creative color. Seth Green and Tyler Durden go Vampire hunting in Werewolf territory. He Who Watches From Darkness watches as the insane girl doing Yoga high-fived Gandhi. The Anomaly sheds a single tear in regret for its crimes, and then buys the Hulk a slice of pizza. Everything slowly begins to break apart into the separate atoms that used to make up their form. Two young men named Ashir and J-C laugh as the universe crumbles into nothingness. Silence. 42. The last atom in existence tries to recall what that’s a reference to before being snuffed out. Nothing. Nothing will ever exist again, nor even existed in the first place. All because the last human decided to do Yoga whilst waiting for some action. Non-existence has no color. It is not white, it is not black, it is not gray. It simply is not.