• Forgotten Lost Love
    Is a hard feat to accomplish,
    But time is of the essence
    So, lets pay our homage.

    I had a boy in High School
    That I deeply deeply loved.
    He was shy and smart
    And very much Beloved.

    But a long time ago
    I broke his fragile heart
    Young and only Thirteen
    I tore love apart.

    I was stupid but confident
    That i could win him back
    Sixteen, in love,
    I played my best act.

    I smiled and cheered
    Even when he loved another
    I cared and shared
    I even said hi to his brother.

    His brother was a douche bag
    How could I forget?
    Thirteen, in love,
    His brother I loved he beget.

    I regret every loving that Tall tall boy
    But his brother was a lover
    Not a jerk face.
    Til my darkness he uncovered.

    I was raped at the age of five
    By my father, a police officer.
    I was in foster care til eleven.
    Adoption did I actually start to repair.

    Love is a weakness
    When no love can be found
    But when you have it
    The lover do you bound.

    Tightly with some rope
    Squeezing on so tight
    Suffocating your victim
    God, it feels so right.

    But, I killed him.
    Well, I killed who he was.
    Kind and nice.
    I created in him many flaws.

    He couldn't talk to girls.
    He blamed me.
    He couldn't go to school.
    He blamed me.

    He smoked pot.
    I am pretty sure he blamed me.
    For awhile, I believed him.
    Til I set myself free.

    I loved him long and hard.
    I have so many scars
    From blaming myself
    and locking myself behind bars.

    But I realized people change
    I was strong when my father raped me
    and everyone left me behind.
    Where was he?

    Crying and weeping
    I felt sorry for the lad,
    But in the end,
    He made me more sad.

    He didn't forgive and never forgot
    Though I said I was sorry
    Many times for naught.
    So, let's party!

    It took three years to let him go.
    I'm taken
    And he won't let me go
    If I am mistaken,

    He's working at Spencer's
    And likes to go to Tilted Kilt.
    Guess he likes mingle.

    Not sure if he still does pot,
    Not that I really care.
    I hope his happy.
    I am just glad he's out of my hair.

    You live and You learn
    You forgive and forget.
    You squeeze and you let go,
    But someone's bound to love you.