• jack was once human
    jack is a prankstir
    jack had a sister
    jack fell through the ice for his sister
    jack sister cryed please bring my brother back
    the moon acceted the request
    the moon revived jack but he had no mermoies
    jack didnt have brown hair or brown
    instead he had white hair and blue icey eyes
    nobody saw poor poor jack
    jack wonder the earth hoping for people to see him but nobody did
    jack walked an walked he brough winter and he brough ice and snow
    he is the winter spirt
    the moon said to the guardians that the boogyman is coming back he pick jack frost
    jack was finily seen by a young boy named jamie jack tryed not to cry but he let some slip
    jack also got his mermoires back
    jack is the guardian of fun he is brings winter and fun where he is
    so when the moon tell you something belive it