The flames rose higher and grew brighter against the dark night. i walked through the growing inferno to see a family of three cowering in fear. i smirked. "So this is the esteemed demon overlord of vander?" my smirk grew into a twisted smile. i knew what i was going to do with them. i will torture them in front of one another. i'll starve them and beat them and then when i finally get bored, i'll let them run. just so i can hunt them down again! i start chuckling to myself. the family looks at me funny so i bring my sword to the father's neck. "you wanna say something?"
    "no miss, however, can i at least ask for thy name?"
    "sure whatever. you talk funny pops. my name is Lila, daughter of satan himself!" I spread my bat-like just to show them im the real deal. the family of satan has a larger wingspan then the rest of those two bit demons. so my 8 ft. wings span really helped to emphasize the point. " so you will be coming with me sir! and your darling children too!" i look at the two teenage twins, and for some reason they were both blushing. im mean really blushing like i just kissed them both! "hey you two!" they look up astonished "whats your deal, huh?"
    "nothing!" the answer simultaneously and with gusto. i think i like these ones. i chain them up and open a staicase to hell. as we descend i start thinking about how big of a week its been. i started off like any other weekday. i went to a village of humans and terrorized them a bit. but then one of them said something that sent their world into complete chaos. I scowled remembering how rude that worthless human was. "You and your kind just gang up on us because we're supiror! you cant stand that the weaker looking race is stronger and larger than yours can you?"
    "Oh i dont care about you worthless mortals all that much!" i retorted"i just simply do it because its fun to torture things! have you ever stapped something, like a bug, and watched it squirmed trying to stay alive? its the same thing, we mess with you because its funny to watch how desperate you creatures get when it comes to survival." then after that speech, and looking into his eyes enough for him to piss himslef, i snapped his spine. and while the other humans escaped i watched him twist and turn on the ground trying to run away. after a while he stopped trying but he was still breathing so i stepped on his head and pressed on it until it busted open. it was so wonderful, his wailing screams before death. the fear in his eyes, the desperation, it was all so, wonderful, and the climax of it all was when his broken body lay still near the giat puddle of blood and mush, which had to be his brain, but i didnt think he had one since he had the guts to talk to the daughter of satan like that. I snap back into reality when the male twin tripped on one of the stairs. if i let him fall he would tumble until he broke his neck, and i wouldn't want that i haven't had any fun yet. i spread my wings and launch after him leaving his sister and old man ungaurded. when i finally caght him i saw the old one trying to run back up the staircase! "thats a bad demon lord!" i hiss as his son is still in my arms and i appear in front of him. "i just saved your son from a horrible death and thats all you can do to repay me?" i hiss, starting to get angry.
    "i'm sorry!!" he starts shaking out of fear. "How pathetic. if you were really sorry you wouldn't have done it in the first place!" i flick his forehead. i dont need this one. two will work perfectly fine. his starts screaming and wailing in pain, so much so that he cant stand. but for some odd reason the twins didn't seem phased. and i was hoping for some 'dont leave us!' action. actually now that i notice it the male , who was still in my arms, was sitting there absoulutly still, but not out of fear. he actually seemed to be enjoying it. he blushed. i looked at the girl who was sittiing there awkwardly and i motioned for her to get on my back. she hopped on and rapped her arms around me. i then flew down the stairs with ease. leaving their screaming father there to implode.