• Have you ever heard of the diabetic obese child who was on life support that wanted a piece of chocolate cake, but was deadly if eaten considering the child's health and well-being. Kid was gonna die either way so I tried to reason with my self; Don't give him a piece of cake and ensure a slow death or pick out the best piece there is then walk away with a shivering single note lingering on in the distance as I continue increasing the gap from being able to see the child's last unforced smile.

    I couldn't care, but with mild concerned love and the hatred for unnecessary suffering I choose to also put a nice scoop of ice cream next to the cake. From my perspective of a child's ability to acknowledge and distinguish multiple things at such a young age... it seems as if the child, since it was born, had started a journey from the very beginning to end its life just when the carnal pleasures were beginning to kick in..

    I've seen others who have had to pull the plug, the glint of a tear drop hidden as confused courage and bravery helped decide to bring a loved one's demise.

    "Can I have a piece of cake, please?" I saw the same thing in his eyes. The doctors already knew he was gonna die, there was no reason why, except that this child ate with no instincts to survive. There were even doctors attempting to simplify why eating sweets and sugars, only, together, combined was wrong, but I've smoked a few times from a bong and I'll tell you myself, "Those treats are surely sublime."

    He dealt with depression and wouldn't comply. When asked of his well being, he'd reply with a fake smile: stating verbally he was fine. To him I was probably his best friend considering at his age of nine; he spoke to me of his knowledge, "Soon enough, I'll surely croak and die.". The words flew out of his mouth with such optimism, like death was on his side, but I could care less of unnecessary suffering such as reminiscing this story... so I purposely assisted him with a possible contemplated suicide.

    But then again there were rumors that he was just bi-polar and I must have went too far such as going undercover to find out what he truly loved to devour, promising to cook the treat he desired the most, then secretly tossed in some delicious cyanide.

    I might have committed murder, but who knows.... only way to find out is to move on to test patient #305 so I can find out how #304 had died.