• That dream.
    It preyed upon my mind every night, never ceasing its grip.
    Tonight was no different. I woke up, my sheets dripping with sweat and my screams still echoing through my home, my heart beating like it'd just run a marathon. The dark of my room did not help with my quickly-fading memories of the nightmare, so I hurriedly attempted to turn on my lamp. Once on, my fear subsided, and I sat up, still trying to catch my breath from the screams. At times like this, I wished she was here to quell my fears.
    I placed my head in my hands, trying, unsuccessfully, to remember the dream that scared me so badly night after night. I could never remember what scared me so in this dream that plagued me, which made it more terrifying to me. I waited until my heartbeat had slowed, and then slid out of bed. I took my sheets with me so they could dry in the dryer; if I decided to go back to sleep, I didn't want to sleep in wet sheets.
    Upon opening my bedroom door, my cat, Sebastian, brushed past my ankles, no doubt disturbed again by my screams. He meowed in irritation, then ran to settle on my blankets, giving me the worst cat death glare he could muster as I left my room. I stumbled down my hallway (still not fully awake), parts of my sheets dragging the carpeted floor, until I saw the laundry room door, whereupon I placed the sheets in the dryer so it could do its business.
    I shuffled out again towards the kitchen for some water, and upon getting a glass of water, I went to my living room for some mind-numbing TV. There were mostly early-morning adverts on the TV, so I settled for an ad that was selling some sort diamond-encrusted frying pans or whatever it was. Sebastian came out of my hallway (appeased by the fact that I was not going to scream anymore that night) and hopped up into my lap, where he curled up and immediately fell asleep. I petted his fluffy white back while the television screamed at me that nothing -NOTHING- could stick to the pans, and, against my will, I began to get drowsy again.
    As I slowly nodded off again, bathed in the light of the television, I thought I heard her voice in my bedroom, but I was too sleepy to truly wonder about that.