• UnderStand
    Author: Rebecca Yates

    I look towards the future, and not look once in the past. But what if the past keeps dragging me back to where I belong? The future will never come, since it seems I stay in the past and always stay in the shell I do not belong inn anymore. I wake up on the floor once again, since my dog Juggy keeps someone pushing me off my bed. It seems always to be comfortable to him but of course not to me. I push my hair away from eyes, so I can manage to find my glasses. I place them on and stands. Today I go off to school again like every other day in my life. My parents are away since they have ton of investments going into a huge live company. They never wish to pay attention to me, only which they want me go into the big life career. Guess what I hated that. I went downstairs to grab something to eat, before I left off to school. I lived really far thats why I always take the public bus down there. I was walking down the sidewalk to the bus stop when my neighbor Caster, dogs decided to bark at me as always. I never really had an interest in animals I always found them well annoying. I finally arrived to the bus stop right when the bus came.” Perfect On Time.” I paid for a ticket to ride the bus all day and I sat near the middle of the bus. I over hear some kids, who seem to go to the school I go to talking to each other about something. That something was me, I know it since I never really had a great life going for me. I was U-G-L-Y, yes I was ugly because I had very long hair it covered my eyes, and if someone caught the glimpse of my face they see one little birthmark which was shape of a heart in half. People call me loveless, or even Hairy and I don’t mind being called names because I get some little notice that people will see me. I finally arrived at school and get off the bus. Since I lived at a private school we had to wear school uniforms but I was aloud to not to wear one, since I gave good points to not wearing a uniform. I was wearing a long sweater and pants, with red sneakers. I honestly didn’t care what I was wearing or what other people even think. I slowly walked to my locker and placed my items in there.” I seems, I always the first one here, good I can stop by the library and get to see the new books before anyone else.” I close the locker and head off happly to the library. I walk in and don’t see anyone but the teacher who works there Mr.Krabbly. He was very old and only one who was my friend at the school.” Ello Mr.Krabbly have the new books arrived?” The old man turn his head and replied to me,” Yes, they have arrived Aaron. Even the old you asked for here.” He holds up a book and I slowly take it.” Cool, finally I can read the fourth book of the Locket serious. Thanks Mr.Krabbly! I will return it of course once im done. bye!” I started to leave and Mr.Krabbly waves back. I then suddenly when i walk and push the door to leave the library it seem to hit someone. It was James of the student council. He was very popular but I had no interest into him.” Oh no, let me help you up. Sorry I didn’t see anyone there.” The male looked up to her into disgust,” Thanks, but a weed like you who has no social life doesn’t need to help me.” James slowly gets up himself and pushes me out of the way.” tch, rude much.” I said to him and slowly goes to class with a book I was holding. The male looked back at her and grinned before walking into the library. My first class was Study Skills/Homeroom so I was going to read my new book in that class. I slowly walk in and the teacher Ms. Hubblyham didn’t even wanted to greet me, so I just went to my seat which was in the front row, near the door. After a couple of minutes students fled into the classroom but I was not even paying attention, I only had my eyes looking at my book. Some girls came up to me and pour juice all over my hair. One of them spoke up and said,” We heard you slam the door on our prince, trash! Now we are just going to do the same.” No one even dare to stop them...alll them just watch the girls as i was getting push to the door and the door slamming on my face. People started to laugh at my face, but for a moment I pushed the hair out of my face, and people were shocked to see what was underneath. I slowly stands back up and sits back into my seat of mine. I place my book away and asked if I can leave the class. The teacher didn’t care and I just left to go to the bathroom to fixed myself. While I was walking the Student council James, Aliceson, and Luke. They stop to turn at me and Aliceson spoke up,” what's a weed doing out of her classroom? nevermind I don't wish to know.” I decided to just ignore them and head off to the girls bathroom.” How dare, that weed ignore me! She needs to know her place.” Aliceson said and then James spoke up,” oh don’t worry I have a plan to make her life at school like a fairytale but end it up in the trash.”

    End of Chapter 1