• basically all i did in highschool was go there and come home, not with friends or anything, just in a car, when my parents decided to pick me up. they were always late, it bugged the hell outta me. i wasn't allowed to walk home or anything, it was a pretty boring time for me. my freshman year i got my first boyfriend, he was cute and funny. sophomore year was just as boring as freshman, still had my boring old friends, then i moved out of state. i took my junior year being an outcast in some other state, cuz i just felt like it. it was a chance for me to be different from how i was back home (i still referred to my old home as MY home, i kept repeating the phrase "home is where he heart is" wink . so being a loner and antisocial was a break from having such a boring social life. this one creepy foreign exchange student tried to pick me up (even though i tried my very hardest to give off a get-the-hell-away-from-me aura) and i just ignored him since it was just too much of a hassle to take my headphones off. there were cowboys in my new school which i thought was pretty spiffy since i had never seen one before. when it snowed i almost slipped on the icy floor, but thanks to some railing that crisis was averted.(i remembered a friend of my slipping [and sliding before coming to a halt] on a rainy day at my last school, i just thought to myself how she wouldn't of been able to survive here). will there by boyfriend of almost two years broke up with me over a message, that sucked. then i moved back home, and spent my senior yet trying to enjoy it to the fullest, going to basically every dance there was (except winter formal that for some reason was canceled [i heard it was because only two tickets had been sold]). then i graduated and that was that.
    if you kept reading that boring a** story then i applaud you, you truly are a remarkable and patient person, kudos!