• I remember in 8th grade, a bunch of us were sleeping over at my friend's house. 3 of us had a boyfriend, and we all snuck out and met him and his friends at the park across from the house. We weren't doing anything - we were kissing and the rest of them were just talking. No drinking, no smoking, nothing. Anyway, the police pulled up to see what we were doing. It was after curfew, and we were all under age, so the officer made us all write down our names for him so he could turn everyone in to the dean. We all did it - except Alicia's boyfriend, who wrote a fake name. Not sure why, rest of us didn't think of that! For the next couple of weeks, we were all SO scared that the dean would call us in and suspend us or something! (We weren't exactly rebellious kids!like all the time).

    I'm in the10th grade now...and i hav lots more middle school memories.