• Brrr! It's really cold down here in the mornings. ninja
    But it's so hot in the afternoon.
    It's as cold as hell but it never snows here.
    It's as hot as the desert burning_eyes
    but you see shirt less guys walking on the streets.
    The bell rings and I come out of school.
    "Ugh! Look at the trafic." I get in my car stressed
    and go to wherever live takes me.
    What a beautiful sunday morning! 3nodding
    The sun is bright in the sky
    and the breeze is blowing through my hair.
    The wind brings that relaxing smell of the sea.
    You can hear waves crushing in the coral reef. blaugh
    You see the large mountain chain that crosses my homeland.
    Our forest are rich and filled with indian history.
    Our rivers are deep and shallow.
    Our sands are so bright, they seem like gold.
    Our waters are so clear, you can see the fishes right at your feet.
    Our elders are filled with many wisdom
    And our ancestors have left us a great legacy...
    Our puertorican culture. pirate argh!
    It's amazing and at the same time weird... mrgreen
    How Puerto Rico is known for...
    The highest rum fountain in the world. cheese_whine
    We LOVE to party. rofl
    We party so much, we even have two Xmas cool
    Yeah, believe it.
    The history is also very interesting.
    When mr. Colombus found us, we belonged to Spain.
    But one day, America, faught with Spain
    in what is today known as Spanish-American war. xp
    That's how we became part of America.
    Don't be a fool, now.
    Puerto Rico isn't all fun and games.
    We are also living in poverty. sad
    The common families are slowly disappearing.
    Divorce, bankrupcy, crime, suicide, drug traficants. gonk
    It's not all pink here. mad

    I pray for the future.