• It is a teen romance based in London so it has some london slang if you dont understand just comment or pm what you dont understand and I will reply. It is two sided the charaters are Javon and Lucy. Hope you like it!

    * * *


    Gd luck wif Ur exams.

    I read the text Michaela had sent quickly as I rushed out of the house. I had a strong feeling that I was sure to fail my exams but I was used to never getting high scores in exams, not that I cared either way. I looked out of the bus window and the words father had said to me came to my head; "Always try your best no matter who you are, just try and never give up". I swiped the air madly hoping that I had rubbed out those words. A passenger looked at me as I waved my hand maniacally and sniggered under his breath.

    "What you looking at bruv," I said intimidating him with my deep voice, kissing my teeth at him.

    He stopped laughing and put his headphones on. I could hear his music playing I just ignored him and continued to stare out of the window 'til I had arrived to my school.

    Reidell and Ricky were waiting for me at the corner shop smoking cigarettes, listening to Giggs and stuff. I walked over to them and we said hi to each other

    "Wanna bunk? Shanel and Rania are gonna come as well so we can jam at Rania's estate," Reidell asked me.

    "Nah im 'aight there's an exam today plus I promised Lucy I'd jam with her at lunch time" I replied.

    "Err bruv that chick is butterz and when did you start to care about school," Reidell said in disgust.

    I rolled eyes and tried to ignore what he had said.

    "Come on Javon it will be fun plus we can go rob Mr.Patels stupid shop again," Conner pleaded.

    I still wasn't convinced enough and I didn't want to let my dad down by not going to the exams and I had already upset Lucy. I sighed reluctantly and said ok after the long nagging (They really know how to make someone change their mind!).

    Soz Lucy I cnt jam wif u 2dai somin came up hw bout 2morrow??

    I texted Lucy feeling guilty as we walked in the alley way which we called "gunning alley" because of the incident that had happened a year ago. Soon after walking a little we met up with the girls and Monique was there as well. I nearly threw up when I saw her face that's how much I disliked her. "What's SHE doing here?" I said rudely.

    "Don't be bad mind Jay Vince," Rania said

    "Don't ever call me Jay Vince you Kenyan," I shouted raising my hand at her till Conner stopped me

    "Oi! You don't hit girls! Geez bruv have SOME respect," Conner shouted defending Rania. I brushed his hands off my shoulder and apologized to Rania not Monique.

    We walked over to Mr.Patels corner shop and before we got in Reidell took out a hand gun and passed it to me

    "Hell no! I aint touching no gun, my dad would knock my block off if he found out I was holding a gun." I refused.

    "What's that daddy's boy? You scared to get hand from daddy" Reidell mocked in a baby voice which infuriated me, the girls laughed and Conner just kept quiet as he smoked his cigarrete deeply .I grabbed the gun; put my grey hoodie up and walking in the shop with Shanel and Monique.

    I pointed the gun at Mr.Patel who was scared to his depths as he begged for mercy in Indian. "Shut up! Don't say anything about this to the police or I will gun you and your family got it!" I said trying to sound hard.

    "Please take everything just don't hurt my family" Mr.Patel cried. My hands started to shake with fear. I didn't want to end up in prison for pulling the trigger because of my stupid hands, I looked at the black gun which felt slightly heavy because it was loaded and wondered if someone was ever killed with the gun I was holding. I let out a whimper and signalled Monique and Shanel who were looting what they could into their JD bags.

    Shanel walked over to the counter and grabbed the gun off me and she took control as I went behind the counter and looted all the cigarettes I could get hold off and rushed out of the shop. The girls followed me as we ran to meet the others who were laughing at a joke Conner had just said.

    Shanel handed over the gun to me so I put it in my pocket. Soon after we all walked over to Rania's house and hanged around there for an hour as we chomped off all the stolen goods.

    "Javon why do you hate me though?" Monique blurted out whilst everyone was laughing. Immediately everyone went silent as they were waiting for my response.

    "You seriously don't know why? Don't you remember when we were going out and you cheated on me with some next up boy and when I asked you why you did that and you screwed your face on me! Does that ring a bell?" I screamed.

    She laughed at me thinking I was stupid.

    "Bruv you're dumb. That's why you're angry? You bubble lip." She chuckled flipping her weave.

    "What did you just call me?! At least I don't get my hair from horse." I replied. Rania neighed like a horse and everyone else laughed.

    "Shut up man! Look at you and your fake Nike shoes from the market. Least I aint budget" She said rolling her eyes at me.

    I went livid with anger I felt my blood rush through my veins, my lips bubbled but I tried to control myself, I bit my bottom lip and closed my eyes and turned around walking slowly away from Monique.

    "Beg," Monique whispered a little too loud.

    I was beyond angry at this point I felt my body turn -running toward Monique, she looked terrified as she saw me so she hid behind Conner hoping I wouldn't make any slight moves.

    "Of course" I thought to myself as I stopped, she had hid behind Conner because she knew he secretly was protective to her.

    "Hiding behind Conner are we?" I said mockingly,

    "Dude she's just a chick lay off" Reidell said blocking me from her.

    "And what! Would you let some cheap thing call you a beg?! Would you!" I screamed at Reidell.

    At this point the girls were crying and surprised at me but I didn't care. Reidell laughed and swung around to punch me in between my eyes.

    "What the hell! What was that for?" I groaned in pain.

    "She only cheated on you because you're heartless and you're weak. And she is still going out with that person and it's me!" Reidell screamed.

    He put his hand on his mouth eyes wide open; I guessed he wasn't meant to tell me that. I was disgusted with both of them.

    "I bet everyone else knew! Right!" I screamed.

    Everyone stared on the ground.

    "Were so sorry. We thought that if you knew you would kill both of them" Shanel said pitifully.

    "You got that right" I said pushing her out of the way pointing the gun at Reidell.

    Everyone backed away but Reidell froze with fear-hand in the air.

    "Whoa! Men don't do anything you will regret just chill. Im sorry ok just ..." he said not finishing his sentence because at this point I had the gun on his skull.

    "Don't you dare tell me to chill rude boy! You stole my chick-And I thought we were best mates." I said hyperventilating.

    I broke down crying covering my face the gun on the ground.

    Monique dropped on the floor comforting me. I had to admit I secretly still liked her. I felt strangely happy probably because I had never openly shown myself crying-ever.

    "Im sorry Jay-Jay" Monique said softly.

    "Im sorry too I didn't mean to get so angry at you I still kindda like you..."I said snuffling.

    Monique looked in my eyes and tilted her head slightly.

    "You know that I can't go out with you-im still going out with Reidell. Besides Lucy likes you plus she is prettier than me" she said hoping not to make me angry.

    "No she aint prettier you a-"

    "Don't be modest" she said interrupting me.

    Reidell walked over and apologized as well. Although I didn't completely forgive him I just said I had. I checked the time - 2:55 almost time for school to end. We all walked to get a bus back to school. We arrived exactly at 3:15 just in time; we split up to go home.

    I walked over to the bus stop opposite the school, disappointed. I sat on the bench waiting for my bus, a tear rolled down my cheek and a boy in year 7 stared at me.

    "What are you looking at? Turn around before I beat you up!" I said threatening him.

    My phone beeped to show a text message it was Lucy asking to go cinema with me. I said yeah. Later the bus arrived to take me home- finally!

    * * *


    Soz Lucy I cnt jam wif u 2dai somin came up hw bout 2morrow??

    I read the text Javon had sent disappointed. I was wondering what he was doing I bet he was bunking with his stupid mates again. Great! The one time I actually get to hang out with the guy I like he blows me off. Can't say im impressed! I still had 10 minutes till school so I went to the corner shop behind the school and got some Maltesers and walked slowly to registration.

    "Boo!" Jake screamed behind me making me jump.

    I groaned in my head I really hated him with his constant desperation to get me to go out with him. I really didn't like him but I pitied him so I never told him what I really had in my mind.

    "Hey Jake what you up to?" I smiled forcefully.

    "Hey Lucy Lui I w-"

    "Please don't call me that I find it really annoying" I said interrupting him rudely.

    "Umm...sorry Lucy anyways I got you a gift," Jake said handing me the beautifully wrapped gift.

    "Oh thanks! Well we should get going registration is starting any minute now" I said as we hurried along the long hallway.

    I chucked the gift in my satchel and went ahead to my exam after registration. As I sat there wondering what the hell the love of my life was doing, I noticed my friend Rachel waving at me whispering something to me I just could pick up the work "lunchtime".

    After a gruelling 2 hours in a sweaty gym full of pimple faced year 11's I went to break almost crying.

    "What's wrong Luce?" Rachel asked her hand around my shoulder pulling all her weight on me.

    "It's Jay- Jay, he bunked again when he agreed to hang around with me- if he didn't want to jam with me he could have said not bunked!" I complained.

    Rachel laughed.

    "you have it bad for him don't cha'" she smiled looked at me with a forceful stare.

    "Yes I do and so what he is one of the cutest, coolest and kindest boys in our year." I replied

    "Ask him out then!" Rachel said walking into the canteen to stuff her face full of fat- filled snacks (Cringe!).

    Before I could text him the bell rang for lesson 3 which was double English with Mr Matterson- the world's most boring teacher EVER.

    "Good afternoon class room in these two hours I want you to write a 4 paged essay in your books about your trip to Italy last week and no slang what so ever" he announced before crashing into his seat.

    I tapped my pen on the table for 20 minutes and looked around to see Rachel buried in her book scribbling madly which made me chuckle. I wondered what to write about then I checked the time and gasped at how much time I had wasted so I scribbled what I could think of

    On the 19th, year 11 went to Italy as a reward trip. We were separated into 10 groups : Mozzarela,Pizza,Peparoni,Bolognese,Domlinio,Resterant,Pesto,Italia,Caipirinha, and my group Amore .the members of the group were Terrance,Kimberly,Shauna,Mirriam,Kaleb,Janice,Farrah and me we pretty much did nothing other than eat pray and love. Even though my love didn't notice me at all in one of the most romantic places in the entire world. The end!

    I rubbed the last part out and stared at the clock somewhat hoping the lesson would end quicker. Finally the lesson ended and we retreated to the playground to talk about makeup, vampires and boys. Kaleb walked over to me and handed me a note and rushed back to his mates

    I know you like Jay-Jay but give me a chance to prove im better. Please I really adore you plus I think you're hot. Jake

    I shuddered when I saw it was from Jake. I really wanted to tell him to get a life but that was like talking to me since he had an over-obsessive obsession over me I had exactly that over Jay-Jay so I ignored his note and ripped it up into a million little shredded pieces. The rest of the day was a total punch in the eye so I pretty much blocked every single word my maths teacher had been saying hoping for registration to begin.

    "Sin is equal opposite plus hypotenuse, cos is equal adjacent plus hypotenuse and tan is equal to opposite plus adjacent hence the terms soh cah toa" rambled our maths teacher Mrs Hastings.

    I felt absolutely bored that I actually dozed off to sleep till Rachel woke me up at the end of the lesson. We walked together to get to registration chatting rubbish.

    "Wanna smoke with me and Else after school. Jason said he got drink as well what you say?" Rachel offered I stared at her with the corner of my eye and tutted.

    "You know I don't do that sort of stuff plus I have places to be after school" I replied.

    "Like what? Stalking Jay-Jay," she said mocking me.

    "Shut up b***h!" I laughed hitting her playfully.

    Registration ended a bit late but I got the time to ask Javon out and he actually said yes. Hurray for Lucy.

    * * *


    I got ready to go out to the cinema with Lucy quickly hoping not to be late and finally I rushed to my bus stop and got a bus to take me to the movies and I met Lucy there. I had to admit she looked boom! I bought her a cinema ticket and we sat at the back roll together and I saw her shivering and gave her my jacket.

    "Thanks! Im enjoying it here with you" she said smiling sweetly at me.

    "Cool. Im sorry I didn't jam with you yesterday," I apologized.

    "Nah that's okay" she said timidly and she turned her head to the screen for the movie.

    I stared at her face and lips; I hadn't really noticed how pretty she was. That's when I moved closer to kiss her because I couldn't resist. But I didn't kiss her I just came close but failed.

    I think I had fallen for Lucy.

    After the movie we bought food and walked to the same bus stop together shoulder by shoulder like one of them chick flicks.

    Lucy and Javon

    Then that was when we kissed for the first time ever.