• Now before you read this, I would like for you to understand the complete jist of the story.
    For one it isnt really a story.
    Its a jumble of words and thoughts put together in poem for [ just so i could pass the class]
    But we had to write about what we felt highschool was missing out on..
    This is what I though.

    x--; Love.; We all know exactly what it means. But at the same time we are curious of what and how to use it and dow with it when we do have it. We dont really completely understand the concept of it. No making love does not count, you fools. Love means that you want your whole heart to go to this person. Cause without them, you dont know what you will do. Love nowadays is pretty much going under.People are starting to just take what they want and letting material items get to them. Well.. frankly that just sucks to me. Yeah, material thing are good to have, but, why have something that will last temporaily, over something that can happen and stay that way for a long time.. You can answer that you own self..