• Game Day

    Friday like any other
    except for one thing
    they're all in uniform.
    Green, white, gold,
    khaki pants.
    It's game day.
    Hustle and buslte,
    peppin' each other up.
    Can't move through the hallways
    to save your life.
    Movin' at 2 miles per hour
    because they're talking
    prepping for the game.
    It's great.
    School spirit and all that jazz.
    The game comes and goes.
    Jungle roars, bleachers stomped.
    We get smashed.
    Low score, hung heads.
    Click of the cleets is slim to none.
    Monday morning.
    2000+ students.
    Dead silence.
    No more pep or prep
    no more 2mph
    no more talk.
    We're all in silence. We lost. At home.
    Our Championship.
    We lost.
    The game.