• so these two girls my friends and i call "the jorden colones" are the IT girls at my school. they are the colnes since thier are both named jorden and are bffs (which i am always doubting will last). one day wasn't thier best days.... so it all began with us in fourth hour honors science with the cruelest teacher EVER. today she said we all had a pop quiz so we were all supposed to have the last person in our row to bring our notes up. obviously some people were going to be missing a page, as was the case of trey (the guy who sat behind me). jorden #1 was sitting behind him, in the last seat of our row. trey was trying to find this one sheet and he was holding up the row (no one really cared). then jorden got tired of waiting for him and tapped my shoulder, as i turned i saw her turn on her cruelest sneer and look at trey. "he reeeaally needs to hurry up and not be the SLOWEST kid in class, right alice?" i look at his humiliated face to her sneering at him and waiting for me to back her up. i looked at her and sighed "no." she was freaked out and kept stuttering (making her sound like a complete idiot).
    then in sixth hour i had jorden #2 in my gym class. i had volenteered to take swimming for the month (since the class was so small) and, wouldn't you know jorden was also in the class. so for swimming we were all told we had to wear flip-flop (guys too) of some sort before we got into the pool. jorden decides to wear some hundred dollar pair with really slick bottoms. as you can probably guess she slipped and fell into the pool, the twist? she had on a pair of jogging shorts (all girls had to also wear shorts over our bottoms before entering the pool) with her cell phone and iPod in its pockets. even the gym teacher laughed at her.
    i love it when the queen bees fall, dont you?