• It all seems so easy, you know? Just to open your mouth and utter three little words. All so easy. And yet, when I stand there, in front of you, I know I cannot do it. I am flooded by the sense of you, just being there. The way you look at me, your appearance, your smell, your smile, the way my whole being just soars at the merest touch. All my senses become dazzled. Sometimes it becomes hard for me to breathe. When I sit next to you, sometimes your shoulder is pressed up against mine. I can feel the warmth through your clothing. And I can't help it, I just love everything about you.

    Sometimes, just sometimes, I want to open my mouth, utter those words. They're on the tip of my tongue -- the very tip. And then I take a deep breath, close my eyes for a moment....and crack a joke. The stupidest one I can think of. Because I know I can't say it. Something stops me. And I realize that things might change forever between us if I say those words. Things might become awkward, different. Friendship might fade. And I know, if I had to choose, I know I would pick friendship every time; because being close and loving you in silence might hurt, but its better than fading away and not loving you at all.