• Under The Weather
    *Recording plays*
    “I’m under the weather just like the world.I’m lost in the rain without an umbrella, alone. Doomed to walk this earth alone for all of eternity and it feels like home. My name is Memori, Memori syrer and im under the weather. I stand here a tyrant to my own soul looking over my bloodless body in which I made the decision to leave. It wasent my time to leave but that was the only way I could be set free and go home. Now I am set free and there is no more voices, no more temptations, no more manipulation, no more imperfection. I feel like such a natural Phantom. Iknow what your thinking why? Well this is why”.

    *Recording stops*
    *Recording plays again*
    There is no need to hide any more. For anyone who gets this tape knows and should no I am telling the truth and that what im about to say is what was my reality just a couple months ago.
    It was raining the day I was born and I was born under the weather all alone. I was placed in to the adoption care servise at only a year old by Pennington Hospitsal Missouri . there isent many memories I have since then. The only clearest one I remember was when I used to sit by the window and watch the rain poor. I was seven then and it was march 4th 1941 and it is now 1951 and I am seventeen now. Two months ago the rain was pouring and I developed a theory. When rain rains it cleans the earth from the past that haunts it. That haunts everyone. The worst part is after the rain clears and the fresh scent comes out, the fresh scent of a new beginning comes out you always see that one scar on you that says the past is real. So you the obsivour of this tape must no that what happened two months ago was real but don’t belive people when they say she isent coming back. Because she will, I will. I will walk with you, talk with you, stand next to you , and breath next you. No ones ever alone and I learned that today.

    So lets get in to details two months ago on January 20th 1951 I suffocated myself under the water in which lies in the ocean. Under the weather. That day I found the controls to control myself but what occurred to me was being out of control is the most beautiful thing that ever happen to anybody. I remember my last breaths, I remember the last light I saw, I remember. I memori misery syrer is the phantom of memories and happiness, but only happiness when your under the weather and when you feel that you’ll will know that I am right next to you with you. We are just the same all of us humans we are always under the weather. Even when we don’t recognize it . and just when life starts burning bright we are building bridges back to the rain we had felt befor. It is only a natural insteinct.

    I thought you should no the day I was born I wanted to be put back to sleep so I wouldent feel the rain anymore. But once you do feel it it becomes your home so I hope you should recognize by this tape that the reason why I left my life, and you was because I was happy under the weather, under the rain. I didn’t want life to burn bright, I didn’t want the fire to come back. I am happy being sad. I am truly happy. Even when I manipulate myself to feel under the weather. I am not depressed, no I am just Memori Misery Syrer. The day I left my life to Rome this earth for eternity is the day I felt happy. The day I went home.

    Raven Hawthorn my best friend. We met in the second grade it was raining all the kids had to stay inside for recess but I went outside to play in the rain with raven we played all day in the raine I would like to say…………………….
    • *Recording cuts off*
    Two ago Memori’s funral was held and raven appeard to say a point know one will forget.
    ( raven’s appears)
    “ every one dies on me my mother, my father, my aunt, my uncle, my brother, my sister, my cousin,. But that dosent stop me from being happy. Memori Syrer was my best friend and she told me once pain was built to last but I didn’t believe her because she was a sociopath, schizophrenic. But now I know she was telling the truth. But the last thing I said to her is you have to trust youself that there will be a better day. That was the day she died. Everyone told me that she wasent coming back but iknew that wasent true so I lied on my bed and closed my eyes and looked through my telescope and there I saw her and I dancing through the rain. I felt the laughter, and I felt the raine. That was the best memory I have ever had. Iknow that it is true best friends never truly leave you. When your feeling like they do close your eyes and feel your way through that dark room and they’ll be right were they last were. Right by you feeling there way through the dark. Me and memori are one in the same, were just like an iceberg in the middle of the Atlantic waiting for our titanic. The time hascome to move on now and the fire of our friend ship fades away. I wish it was simple to make it rain because when it rains memori will come back to missorie but we all know it barley rains but that’s what makes living special the waiting for a brighter day in which comfort and happiness will come back to you. ( Raven starts to cry) I raven Hawthron am nothing that I seem to appear to be….
    ( raven fades away)
    (Raven speaks …..)
    I am the phantoms of phantoms

    I guess it is true the world in nothing that it seems to be. It turns out two days later they found ravens body in the ocean of which Memori had died in but raven was not newly dead in fact the truth is Raven died at the exact time Memori did and right next to her. Under the weather.