• Prologue
    Everyone is born with flaws. Whether it is the small mole on your face that people say is just a zit, or your hair that you can never seem to control, you are aware of them from the moment you become conscious human being. The first halves of our lives are spent creating these identities, these lies that make us. But these beautiful defects that we are doomed to bear are what make each individual perfect. They’re what set our own personal aliases apart from somebody else’s. If someone is fortunate, they will be some where that accepts and encourages these imperfections, but not everyone is that lucky.

    ACT I

    The five students await the end to a long school day in their final classes in the eighth grade wing of the boarding school.
    Darren and Vera finish their science assignment and the science books are assigned out to the class. Vera and Darren are assigned to be lab partners and the class shifts into their new seats.
    Vera: Can I borrow a pen to write my name in this science book?
    Darren: Of course not.
    Vera: That’s insane. Why not?
    Darren: Because you’re a weirdo!
    Vera: Excuse me? If anything you’re a weirdo! You’re the one always going on about fumbles and touchdowns! Believe me, I love a good football game, but you’re obsessed with something that is useless to the world, economy, everything but the people who make money playing it!
    Darren: What? No! I guess it’s because you’re crazy and weird! And football is NOT useless!
    Vera: Okay then, I’m a crazy weirdo who doesn’t know a thing about football. But this football knowledge deprived weirdo requests the use of that pen.
    Darren: I DO NOT CARE.
    Vera: If your pen is too good for me or visa versa, I’ll just find another. [To Tina] Hey Tina!
    [Tina looks up waiting for Vera’s question]
    Vera: Can I borrow a pen?
    [Tina nods and holds up a pen for Vera to take.]
    Darren: No! Use mine!
    Vera: It’s fine, I’ll just use Tina’s.
    Darren: I said, use mine!! [Slams pen down on top of Vera’s text book]
    Vera: Well, I’m going to get Tina’s pen! [Walks across the classroom to retrieve the ballpoint]
    Mr. Crookshin: Vera! Darren! Shouting is NOT allowed in this classroom!
    Tina: Well, you’re yelling now, Mr. Crookshin.
    Mr. Crookshin: That is back-sass Tina! Detention for the three of you!
    Vera: That’s not fair, sir. Tina didn’t do anything wrong.
    Mr. Crookshin: If you keep on about it, I’ll make your detention go for a month.
    Vera, Tina, Darren: [almost completely in unison] Fine.
    Mrs. Honeybee: Now class, I want every girl to pick a male partner for this probability and statistics assignment. [Everyone chooses partners, except Ashlee and Zak and they are left standing alone]
    Mrs. Honeybee: Ashlee, Zak, I guess you two will have to buddy up for this assignment.
    [Ashlee rolls her eyes and reluctantly makes her way across the classroom to Zak’s desk.]
    Ashlee: So, are we doing this or what?
    Zak: I guess so.
    Mrs. Honeybee: Yay! Now that we’ve all split into groups, I want you to take these index cards I’m passing out and write a color. It has to be: red, blue, yellow, purple, green, or orange. Ooh! And don’t let your partner see! [Waits a moment for them to finish writing] Okay, there are twenty students in the class, so that makes ten pairs and there are six colors. What is the probability of a pair having the same color?
    [Some students raise up their cards or their hand to answer the question. Ashlee and Zak realize the both wrote yellow.]
    Ashlee: Excuse me! Mrs. Honeybee! [Mrs. Honeybee walks over] This can’t be right! I know it’s just a math exercise, but Bizzaro dude and I can’t have the same. The chances are pretty slim right? Ugh, I just can’t believe that me and this guy [gesturing to Zak] could have the same thing.
    Mrs. Honeybee: Ashlee! I am astounded! Zak is a very nice boy with feelings. How would you feel if he referred to you as Bizzaro Chick or “this girl”? No. I don’t even want to hear it. Detention after school, Ashlee.
    [Ashlee takes a quick huff the rolls her eyes]
    Zak: Don’t send her to detention. It’s my fault…
    Mrs. Honeybee: No! It’s never your fault for being who you are!
    Zak: Yes, it is! I was born a freak. And you’re INSANE for not realizing that.
    Mrs. Honeybee: Well! You won’t be in detention for being a freak, but because you just called a certified professor that is stuck teaching eighth grade math insane!
    Zak: Good.
    Ashlee: Yeah, what he said.
    Mrs. Honeybee: I guess it makes no difference. You will both report to detention after school at 3:00 today until 5:00.