• Reality?
    There is no reality of love anymore
    Well none that anyone wants to recognize
    Love is being able to die for that person
    No matter WHAT your friends and family think or how hurt they would be if it happened
    What if you know you can’t die for them or because of them?
    Does it hurt you? No of course not.
    Because you know that’s the truth but you still think it’s love
    There is no true love anymore
    It is nothing more than an ideal
    The true power of love is looked down upon by humans
    They view any and all decisions based upon it immature and primitive
    Humans have forgotten how to love
    There is no reality except the reality that love hurts and you get through it together
    None of this break up and find someone else s**t
    That’s weak you’re weak for doing that
    But still no one stays together forever and endures anymore.
    When the spark is gone you don’t try to find it anymore you just move on
    The power is gone from this species
    We are nothing more than a disease now
    THAT is the reality of love. That humans no longer possess it
    We did once and we remember what it was like
    But we don’t possess it anymore.