• Then suddenly two arms wraped around my waist from behind and tugged till my
    body was touching his My face was on fire my smile ear to ear.He was so warm the day
    was cold and the temp.was below 60 his chest agaisnt my back it was like being wraped
    in a thick blanket "i love you" he whispered,his warm breath on the side of my chilled neck
    sent a chill down my spine after a second a another was felt through out my body as i took
    in the words...I set my arms on his craddleing him closer to me...I shut my eyes and replyed softly..
    "I love you too...." I felt his breathing speed and heard his heart beat begin to race..
    Then he untwinded me from him turned me quickly but gently and put his warm hands
    on my cold cheaks that warmed as he pulled my face to his..He looked deep in my eyes...
    And kissed me.....My eyes widened my face pinked my dream came true....

    heart heart heart