• He obviously likes me, I obviously like him. Why can't I see it that way all the time? Why don't I have the guts too ask him out? Why can't he ask me out? How come, he makes it so obvious that he likes me, but doesn't say it too my face? Why do I think he's annoying one day, and adorable the next?

    What's wrong with me?

    He makes me smile, he makes me laugh, he makes my day. I make him smile, I make him laugh, and I sure hope that I make his day, because all I want too do, is make someone happy for once.

    Sometimes I think, he hates me. Honestly, no one could like me, flat black/brown/orange hair, dirt brown eyes, and the worst figure. My life, has been turned upside down so many times, I forget which side is right side up. The once love of my life, has turned into a monster, he's never going too come back, and I know it. Sometimes I wish that, he didn't have too change, he didn't have too leave me, and I know that, I would give my heart and soul, for him not too change into the monster he is today.

    I'm not going too let my new love change, I'm going too hold onto him with my life, if he slips from my grasp, then I will kick myself for it every day. He can't turn into the monster that I watched the other become. It's too painful, I can't deal with that happening too me again, and no one should have that happen too them. If he loves someone, other than me. Then I sure hope that she knows, how lucky she is. How grateful, she should be, and how she better not let him turn. Into the monster, that the other girl, let him become.

    I love you, please don't leave me like him...