James Kepper –

    I sat at the counter, with my Great Dane at my feet. Slobbering all over my new shoes, as usual. I sat drinking my coffee, and listening to my agent talk and rattle off about the days events.

    “9 you have that party at your girlfriends…” I groaned.

    “Sir, you know you can’t dump her, then the world is going on about how you cheated her!”

    “I know Robert, not my fault the girl is so…so…”

    “I understand. Her giggle gets me annoyed as well.”

    “You to?”

    “Sir, if I may be so abrupt…”

    “Robert, you’re my friend, not my slave, ask me anything you like.”

    “Well, she is technically the perfect girl, rich, beautiful, and sorry, but not bright. So… why do you hate her, and every other girl?”

    “Long story.” I replied, thinking of a childhood friend.

    “Do you have time to tell me.”

    “Yes, but well, I don’t want to talk about it. I still hurts.”

    “Yes sir.”


    “Yes sir?”

    “More coffee.” Robert looked at me, then smiled and poured me another glass. I reached down to pet Dawn’s ears, she stopped and gave a purring sound, then went back to my shoes. I got up then and reaching for the leash I took her out for a walk.

    Robert’s question made me think about my life. I was no longer the beat up boy, my dad had died, and I was now a famous singer, living in LA, known by everyone. So far I had made 3 CDs all of which were a success, and did two world tours. My house cost nearly 400 million dollars, and that was only a small chunk of my cash.

    “Hi James!” Reese Whitherspoon waved as she ran past. I waved back and thought about my life some more. Rocker, of the top songs, Moving On, Smashed, and others, 10 top songs, and all #1, I was a star. I had dated, Avril Lavigne, Christina Agulara, and Kelly Clarkson, and now I was dating Jessica Simpson. Like me in the romance department, she had married some guy who’s name I forget, and dated others. I have never been married, and have never really enjoyed being about other girls… since… since I was 16. I don’t even know what happened to her.

    Bye now after all that thinking I had come back to my mansion. So putting Dawn back in the house, me and Robert headed off to Concert practice.

    We arrived just on time. The rest of the band was there, goofing off.

    “Hi guys.” I said, putting aside my worries.

    “Hey dudes! Look! Its James, hi James.” The rest of the group turned and rushed to me, telling me everything they had it was then that the big news hit.

    “Dude. I found this on the floor after you left, must have fallen out of your coat.” My head jerked up, there was the music sheet had I been writing on.

    “Did you read it?”

    “Dude! This thing is good! When did you write it! Man, your really good. This could be on the top of the charts!”

    “Give me it. And we won’t be singing it.”

    “Why not?” I reached for the sheet, but the drummer kept it out of reach. “I showed the guys, they all want to.”

    “We aren’t going to.”

    “Why ever not?”

    “Because!” I was really angry then. So when I lunged for it, Robert took it out of the dummers hand. He read it over, and I stood simmering at him.

    “James, this really is good.”

    “I won’t sing it.”

    “James listen to me…” he took me off to the side. “This song it good, and people want to hear a feeling from you, your songs up till now, have been well, how to put it, without sentiment. This song could change that. If you don’t put more in, your next CD is going to flop. The band could use this.”

    I looked at him. Thought, then agreed. So we went into the studio and began to practice for the concert. After the full thing had been done twice, we worked on the new song.

    The sheets had been copied, and all were ready.

    “5…5…5,6,7,8 Hit it!” The beat started, and after a 20-count intro, I began to sing. It was hard to keep a straight face. But even as I sang I could feel my voice was going to break. By the second verse, my voice broke. The band looked at me, surprised. I had never cried. But there I was, fighting back tears. It took me a minute, before I could stand up straight and wipe my eyes. Then I spoke again, and we started to play again from the beginning.

    Rose Dawn –

    “Really Rose, when are you going to get a boyfriend?” My friend Lizzie asked.

    “Lizzie, I have told you, when the right guy comes along.”

    “Girl, plenty of right guys have come on, you just don’t go to the first date.”

    “I have good reason.” Lizzie and I were taking our lunch break and were having a coffee at the book store, this was where we always spent our lunch break, and brunet Lizzie usually had a book in her hands. Lizzie and I both worked at a dance studio here in LA.

    She was the secretary, and my assistant. A fast writer, and an even better dancer, she and I worked well, and had a great job, our dance studio had taught many great dancers, and even some of the big actors. Our pay was great to. But the best of all is that we both did what we love.

    “And what is that reason?” Lizzie asked me. Lizzie already had a boyfriend, and well, a soon to be wife. Her fiancé had proposed just three weeks ago. On the spot I became maid of honor. Her fiancé had already chosen his.

    “I don’t know right now. I guess I am just waiting for that one guy.” I said dreamily.

    “Ever had a boyfriend before?”

    “Once, a long time ago. But I didn’t love him.”

    “But when you get a boyfriend, don’t you sort of have to love him, or like him?”

    “He was different.”

    “Tell me.”

    “Well, he was 16 and smart, but so sad and lonely. His dad beat him many times. One day he couldn’t take it, and he put a gun to his head.”

    “It must of hurt, to loose him like that.”

    “Oh no! You see, if I hadn’t lied that day, and told him I loved him, he wouldn’t be alive today.”

    “You mean… you lied to save his life. Oh my gosh!” Lizzie was shocked, but pleased, honored to be my friend.


    “How did it end?”

    “He thought I cheated on him. But is was just a cruel joke. He ran away, never heard of him again.”

    “It sounds like you loved him.”

    “He was nice, when he wasn’t scared, but he was scared all the time, like a little boy. I was like him mother to him.” Lizzie looked at me. I looked at my watch then said.

    “We have a class in 15 minutes, lets go!” We hurried outside and began at a fast clop to our studio for the class.

    At the end of the day we had our wrap up, and review for the next day.

    “Ok, tomorrow at noon we have to teach a guy band how to dance.” Lizzie told me.

    “ok, which one?”

    “Spattered Paint.”

    “My favorite band.”

    “Haha, mine too.”

    “Ok, what are we teaching them.”


    “Ouch, how sad.”

    “Maybe they won’t be shy.”

    “Maybe I won’t come.” I said. Lizzie laughed then got up, I rose to, and we both headed for the door, after saying our good byes, we headed home. Both to be there tomorrow.

    James Kepper –

    The band and I were out side of a studio.

    “Looks like a normal studio.” The drummer said.

    “Guys look, this isn’t what I want to do either. But we need it for this ball thing coming up. Unless you want to dance like sluts?”

    The guys at that hurried forward. When we entered that was a young woman of maybe 25 standing there.

    “Welcome to the studio.” She said with a smile. I thought she was pretty so I was going to make a move but the drummer got to her first.

    “It will be an honor to study under you, madam.” He said with a bow.

    “And an honor to watch and help I’m sure, but I am not teaching.”

    “Who is then?” I asked.

    “I am.” I turned around and there in the door way stood the possibly most beautiful woman I had ever scene. She had long red hair, and was dressed in a brown dancing dress. The motioned for us to enter the room, and then walked in. The group obviously thought she was beautiful because the lead guitar player whispered in my ear, “Sorry boy, but I’ll claim this one.” And then walked away. The woman who welcomed us came in as well.

    “Alright.” The teacher started. “I am Rosie, or Rose, whatever you prefer and this is my assistant Lizzie.” She motioned to the pretty brunet. “Lizzie is about to be married to no funny business.” She said. I was beginning to feel like a child. She then motioned for the guy who whispered in my ear, Jack, to come forward. Pressing play on the music she showed us the steps for a waltz.

    Jake was no dancer though, and so as she guided him along slowly, it was easy to focus on the steps. Later she had danced once with everyone.

    “Um, in a few minutes a professional and his partners will come and help out. I will show you how it should look, professionally.” At that moment the door opened and in came a man with two woman with him.

    “Here he is.” She walked up to him and greeted him like an old friend. “Choose a partner.” She Was then lead to the middle of the floor. The other teacher, Garth, was his name, began to dance with her. It was then that I was lost in the beauty of the two. Mainly Rose, but I couldn’t truly watch for she was beautiful, he seemed to make her lift to the sky, but she also was like an angel with a sacred light about her, though the cloud was Garth, Rose was the angle, and so all thoughts of him were swept away. When the dance was over Jake had to nudge me to bring me back.

    For the rest of the class I was itching to dance with her, only she didn’t dance with me till the very end. When she put my hand on her upper back I looked into her eyes, ready to make her soar, ready to dance, unlike before, but when I gazed into those eyes, I saw something I had never hopped to see again. I quickly looked up, and stiffly danced, a million thoughts in my head.

    When it was over, Jake came up and asked for a dinner sometime, but before she could respond I dragged him away. Lizzie showed us to the door, and Rose caught up. I heard her call me out. Though I had not told her my name, she said it.

    “Good Bye, James Kepper, we will meet again. And Jake, dinner sounds wonderful.” She then walked away.

    I was furious. How dare she! She knew me! How the heck could I not have recognized her? Did she plan the whole thing?? I paced my mansion heatedly. Dawn was on my bed watching me. How could I name my dog after her? I heard my telephone ring and went to answer it.

    “James, good your there, this is Robert, and well, I wanted to give you news on a job that the band might want to accept… you ready? Good. Now listen up. A woman is having a wedding and she wants you to sing for it. Big cash! Big cash. The wedding is between Elizabeth Cornell, and Blake Huston. Yeah, old friend of yours. So what do you say. 1 million per member, don’t pass it down.” I agreed. And after that it was late so I hopped into bed. Dawn, at my feet.

    Rose Dawn –

    The date with Jake, the first I had gone to in many years, was great, the movies and dinner, nothing special. We talked about lots, books, movies, the band. In the end he invited me to a small party at his place, the whole band would be coming. So I accepted. And that was where I stood. On his front porch, I just opened the door, because I could hear the music inside. Jake greeted me.

    “Come on and meet the rest of the band.” I allowed him to guide me to the group.

    “The drummer here, is Richy. The lead singer James. And then here’s our funky sounds guy, plays anything he does! Meet, Alex” I nodded at each of them, but noticed the anger in James eye. I stayed and chatted for a while, then went to go find me a drink.

    When I found the drink counter, and had a martini in hand, I was surprised to find that James came up to me.

    “Nice to see you again. Tell me what lies come this time?” James said, leaning on the counter.

    “James, I never cheated on you.”

    “But you lied.”

    I hesitated then nodded.

    “So you see, not that different is it?”

    “James, I did it to save your life.”

    “Right, whatever.”

    “Oh, well, I’m sorry if having all this money now is partly due to me.”


    “This is a tough one. How did I help, oh wait, with out me you would be… uh dead!” James gave me a fierce glare.

    “How do you know I wasn’t going to do it?”

    “How do you know you weren’t, you were just a slobbery boy of 16 who needed a mom!” James looked shocked, I realized I had gone to far. “James, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…” But James walked away. I felt tears coming to my eyes. So I hurriedly left, I was cruel, cruel. I knew it too. I ran all the way back to my place. I doubted anyone even missed me.

    I was wrong, for the next morning Jake gave me a ring.

    “Hey, this is Jake, I saw you leave the party after the fight with James…”

    “You saw that?”


    “I didn’t mean to be so mean, it just came out.”

    “What happened between you two?”

    “What makes you think anything happened?”

    “He wrote a song about a girl who cheated on him, and before he didn’t want to sing it at all, now he is going full force! I figured it had something to do with you.”

    “It’s a long story, and to understand to full of it, you’ll have to ask both of us.”

    “What’s your story.”

    “I told you it was long… do you have the time?”

    “No… how about lunch at 1 today?”

    “Sounds fine.”

    “Meet me at the French Art studio on Bridgeton.”

    “Ok, I’ll be there.” We hung up then, I finished my coffee and went to go get ready for the day, it was a Saturday, and the dance school was closed. It was eight, so I gave Lizzie a ring.

    “Liz, you want to go shopping for wedding dresses?”

    “Sure, sounds great, see you in a half and hour.” We both knew where to meet, the best place in LA, Bridal, that was the name, simple, but it had almost a thousand gowns, just for the bride.

    So after putting on a two toned brown dress, I headed out.

    Normally I walk everywhere, but today, I decided to ride. My car is nothing fancy, but a pure white convertible. It got it 2 years ago, it still works like a charm. By the time I got there, having to deal with the traffic, Lizzie was already waiting.

    “Ready?” She asked. I nodded, she was excited. We walked in, and were probably blinded for a little bit, there was so much white.

    “Have any idea what to look for?”

    “Sort of… something simple, with maybe a bit of sparkle.” I started to meander through the store. Looking this way and that. Lizzie wasn’t far behind me.

    “Lizzie, what about this thing.” I showed her a gown, plain white with sheer sleeves and a sash about the middle.

    “Girl, no.”

    “Why ever not?”

    “Those sleeves will be a killer!”

    “You think?”

    “Yes! Make it be sleeveless!” I nodded, and moved on. It didn’t take more then 15 minutes for us to start goofing around, trying on anything. But even after trying on an Elizabethian style gown, nothing had caught our eye. Or her eye. I looked at my watch, and seeing that I had to go, waved, and drove off.

    I arrived just in time, Jake and the group were walking out. I got out of the car, and waited. After saying his farewells, he came over to me. I smiled.


    “Lets go.” I climbed back in the car, and after he was ready, drove off. I was surprised to find that he directed me to the Mini Casa de Chocolate, Mini Chocolate House, it was the hardest place to get into, with a line that had 50 the whole day. I parked the car, and we got out.

    “You said it was long, so I chose the place that had the longest line!” I laughed and we got in line.

    “So what happened.”

    “Well, James did not have a happy childhood, father beat him, and he was not handsome, the only thing he was good at was school, and even then he never got much attention.”

    “I thought that this was about you two?”

    “It is! Now let me finish. One day Emily, and old friend, and I walked out of class, only to hear that James had a gun to his head. He wasn’t really strong enough to do it. He wasn’t until, when a kid stepped out of line, the teachers attention was diverted. He would have shot himself. Had I not lied and said I loved him. We got on fine, I liked him, when he wasn’t scared, but when some kids from the school stole my cell, and pretended I had a boyfriend, James became convinced that I had cheated him. People have always honored me for what I did. But now I don’t know, he is filled with hate for me… and I am the cause of it all.”

    Jake looked at me for the longest time.

    “What do you think of him now?” He finally asked me.

    “Dangerous question, don’t you think?”
    ”That’s not an answer.”

    “I don’t know, I barley know him. If he changed at all, I can see it was for the better.” By now we were at the counter, so we made our order, then sitting down, we began to drink chocolate mochas.

    “Tell me about James.” I said to him.

    “Well, let me think, he has a dog that he loves devotedly, he is really connected to music, has a great talent for cooking, and has made generous donations to the red cross.”

    “I meant, how does he feel, about life.”

    “I think he’s happy.”

    “You mean he was?”

    “No, is.”

    James Kepper –

    I had just gotten off the telephone with Robert, booking the concert at the red cross. When Jake walked in.

    “Hey pal. What’s up?” I said.

    “Nothing, I just wanted to ask you some questions.”

    “About what?” I grabbed a coke and offered on the Jake, but he refused. So I motioned him to sit down at the bar.

    “I wanted to ask you about… Rose.”

    “Why?” I asked, I grew cold, I hated to be reminded.

    “You had a fight, and it seemed an old one. So I was wondering.”

    “Why not ask your girlfriend?” I asked.

    “Because I wanted to ask my Best Friend.” I couldn’t say anything to that, so I nodded, and began to tale.

    “Rose, or Rosie Dawn, as some called her, was nice, but she lied, lied about everything. She said she loved me, whatever, she didn’t anything she said turned out to be a lie. After she cheated on me, I ran away, headed anywhere, and I just somehow landed in LA, the same place she moved to. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love her, never will.”

    “But did you?” I thought for a moment, about her smile, her hair, the way she could hurry up to me, all she ever had done.

    “Yes.” I said weakly. I had admitted it, and that to me was the worst thing I could have ever done. I looked at Jake, and he stared right back.

    “ What did you love about her?” I considered the question, then answered,

    “Her smile, her laugh, the way she would defend me, how she treated me, basically everything about her was like a ray of sunshine, we were together for 6 months, she never slipped in those 6 months.”

    “Will you ever forgive her?” I thought about the question, long and hard, thought about what she did to me.

    “No.” Just then Dawn came in, “Hey Dawn! What’s up?” I looked up at Jake, smiling, Jake smiled that smile that he smiles when he has something up.

    “Be seeing you! Bye.” With that he left. I didn’t think much of it, because at that moment, I had to go to a date with Jessica Simpson. If she didn’t dump me soon… how I hoped she would.

    Jessica arrived late, as always. I had been waiting a half an hour when she came giggling into the restaurant.

    “Hi James!” She said, I looked at her with restrained anger. She was wearing a low cut dress, that was too short for my taste, above all, it was dizzying.

    “Hi Jess.”

    “How I have so much to talk about! Hehe! I can’t wait for your concert! It’s this weekend! And then the day after that you and I have the ball! How it will be stunning! Guess what I will be wearing? Black! How sweet! I know! And then of course I will be wearing the diamonds by old husband gave me, I know you won’t mind.” To tell the truth, I did mind, I minded a lot. The rest of the night went on like that, I never thought it would end. I was so glad when she climbed into her car and drove off.

    It was Saturday, and me and the band were ready to go out. We could hear the crowd screaming.

    “So… anyone have anyone special coming?” The drummer asked.

    “Rose said she’d be there, hope she made it.” Jake said.

    “Relax dude, where else would she go? She even has a back stage pass.”

    “Yeah I guess. What about you James?”

    “Jess will be there, end my life please.”

    “That bad?”

    “Don’t get anywhere near her, she’ll drive you insane!” After I said this, we heard the bands name be called, and we rushed out to greet the crowd!

    “You all ready to rock to night?” I yelled.


    “Well, that’s great, because tonight we have something special for you! 3,4,5!” The music began to play, and I began to sing, I could see the crowd moving. I spotted Rose off towards the corner of the stage. I tried to avoid going their for a while, but it was futile, I would have to make my way there. But I was captivated again, by her beauty, I heard a voice inside my head talking to me. ‘Really man! Look at her, beautiful, true, but how can you love her. But then, how can you not?’

    I backed away and continued singing. It was hard to concentrate. When the concert was over the crowd went wild! We had presented two new songs, not counting the one about Rose. We left that one out. After saying our good byes, we headed back stage to receive the fans who had special passes.

    Rose didn’t come till the end. She was beautiful I told myself, the way she moved, her eyes, the seemed to scan everything in the room, and understand it all.

    “You guys did great! I can’t believe it!”

    “Why not? Didn’t think we were that good?” I snapped.

    “You all did really well, I loved the new songs, Diamond Fire.”

    “Really? Jake wrote that one? Choosing it just because of that?” She ignored me, but I could see the anger in every mussel of her body.

    “So sorry James. I had forgotten to mention you. Jess was very excited, I could see she enjoyed the show. She told me to tell you to meet her at Raylows, later this evening.” She had stung me full and hard. How did she do that? She always, always knew what I was thinking, or what I hated! I just nodded though, and left the place.

    Rose Dawn –

    I didn’t see James again until the dance the next day. Jessica was hanging on his arm, he looked grim, so grim that I laughed, he looked my way, saw me laughing, and smiled, that through me off guard. Jake came in next. He walked up to me. I was wearing a deep green dress, with sheer black cover of the gown.

    “Ready to see my dancing skills?” He asked.

    “Dancing skills?” I said smiling.

    “Come, I’ll show you.” He led me to the dance floor. The music started and he led me into the dance. Spinning me, I could feel the world had their eyes on us. I was tilted back, I saw James staring. I came up, and he led me into a round about. He pulled me close and I said, “You Turn to show off.” He nodded, and while I held my own he put a little of his own style. When the song came to an end. We heard applause.

    “Well done, I have done well I can see.” He laughed, a gruff laugh, not exactly pleasing. He led me to the drinks table where we talked.

    “Ok, best dancer in the room.” I said, we were playing a game.

    “Um, Lizzie over there, and her Fiancé.”

    “I knew you would say that.” It was an hour after our dance, and I was having a fine time. But when I saw James coming forward with Jessica on his arm, I grew worried.

    “I think so to.” Jake said. When James arrived, Jake stepped forward.

    “James, may I steal your beautiful lady?” He asked. Jessica giggled, I rolled my eyes, she really wasn’t bright.

    “Steal her, take her! And I mean it, sooner she has a ring on her hand the better!” James said.

    “But I can’t. Rose would be with out a partner!” he said. “But! James, your perfect! Dance with her!” James looked surprised. I was too, Jake knew we didn’t get along.

    “Come on, pal! Just for this dance?” He looked at him, James looked at me, and I looked right back.

    “Fine! I’ll do it!” He said. He walked up to me and nearly dragged me to the dance floor. When the music started, slow. We were nervous. It was awkward.

    “I can’t believe I’m doing this?”

    “Am I really that ugly?” I asked.

    “No! Your beautiful!” I was so shocked, I almost stopped dancing. James hand was high on my back.

    “James, your hand is high.” I said.

    “Oh sorry.” He lowered it. And then met my eye. I was then lost in a world, of swirling people. I would have danced forever, had he not been listening for the music. Jake walked up.

    “Excellent date you have James, really excellent!” Jessica giggled. James just walked away, Jess chased after him.

    “Wonder what got to him.”

    The next day I had a date with Jake at 2, and I had slept in late. He said to look my best, so I brought out a pair of black pumps, and a halter summer blue dress. I curled my hair, and was ready to go.

    I met Jake out side of a café. He led me in to a table for three.

    “Having someone else come?” I asked.

    “Yes, a friend.” We waited only 5 minutes before I saw the friend. James. He walked up looked at me, looked at Jake, and back at me. I saw why he wanted me to dress up.

    “I see.”

    “I invited more people.” He told James, James sat.

    “And none of them made it?”

    “No, I just told them not to come.” I laughed. Jake smiled.

    “Jake, Jake, Jake, why didn’t you tell me?”

    “Well, I wanted to keep it surprise.” He responded to my question.

    “Well, while we’re all here, might as well make the best of it.” I said. I then ordered a chocolate cake.

    “So, James, can I ask about you break through?” I said.

    “No.” he said. I didn’t think he would say more. But he did, “I was 20 when I finally met Jake, who taught me everything. We are like brothers.” Jake gave him an affectionate punch then continued, “It didn’t take long to discover I had talent, so we formed a band and first it was just songs on the radio, but then Robert came along, and well, we were big after that.”

    “What about your many girlfriends?”

    “To much competition.” I laughed, and I could see he loosened up. Jake then spoke.

    “James always was the heart of the band, but I never knew much about his past.”

    “Will he tell us now?” I asked.

    “No.” he said.

    “Jake, I think it will take a woman to hear about it.” Jake nodded, then moved on to what I call, the second leg of the plan.

    “I’ll be right back, that lemon cake doesn’t sit right.” I saw right away what he was doing, but couldn’t say anything.

    “Jake never gets a stomach ache. Wonder what’s up.” James said.

    “He’s trying to get us back together.” I said.

    “Ha, no luck there!” he said.

    “He thinks differently.”

    “I noticed.”

    “What about you and Jessica, you seem cozy.”

    “Don’t remind me! I don’t want to talk about her at all!”

    “Me neither.” I said, he looked at me like the just realized something.

    “James, don’t look at me like that, your suppose to hate me. Remember?”

    “Oh, yeah, I do hate you.”

    “Why, James?”

    “Because you broke my heart.”

    “And if I could mend it again?”

    “That’s not possible.” We sat in silence for a long time. When Jake came back, I said I had to leave. I had Lizzie’s wedding in two months.

    James Kepper –

    I kept away from Jake unless it was necessary, so I didn’t see Rose until the wedding, and then I planed to keep away from her. But for the whole two months, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. How sorry she seemed, how sad, how much I still loved her laugh, and smile. It took me quite to still be convinced I didn’t lover her. The wedding day came. She was the maid of honor, dressed in light blue with a sash about her waist. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She moved everywhere at once. She helped everyone. Lizzie, thinking I loved Jess had invited her. Jess, standing in the crowd, waved to me, so Jake told me, but I had missed it. We played one song after another. And Rose was in my mind the whole time. No matter what I sung, she was there. I saw her all over the place. Even when I was off stage, my eyes followed her. She helped someone clean up and stain. Saved the wedding cake, and so much more. And then, Jake went out to her, she saw him, and walked up to him, after stopping a toddler from running in the street. I went a little closer.

    “Your doing wonderful today!” he said. Exactly what I had been thinking.

    “Thank you. So are you. The bride is ready for the father daughter dance.”

    “Ok, before I head up, will I get a good luck kiss?” I saw them kiss, and my heart broke into a million pieces. I went on stage with the rest of the band. I tried to convince my self that I didn’t love her, I just missed having someone to love. I tried to convince my self that it was better for everyone. That she never could have mended me. No matter what she did. When the song ended, we got off the stage. I headed for the wine table, and got a big glass. Jake came up.

    “Rose sure is amazing!” He said.

    “If that’s what you think.” I said.

    “Hey man, all this love must be making you down. Maybe you should hang out with Jess tonight. Maybe she will lift your sprit.” I thought for a moment. Maybe he was right.

    “No, I don’t think so.” I said. It wouldn’t be right. I didn’t love her. Jake walked away after that. The rest of the wedding was dull. No fun. Despite all the laughter, I couldn’t really enjoy my self.

    So I left , at 6 pm. Rose had left a little bit earlier. So I had mainly left because there was no reason left for the me to stay. I had been walking a half an hour when I heard a scream. I run towards it. When I turned a corner I found Rose between a group of four men. They didn’t see me yet. So I didn’t make a move. I watch for a minute.

    “Look at this boys. Think we could sell the dress for a pretty price?”

    “Oh yeah!”

    “Leave me alone!” Rose shouted. One of the men made a move.

    Rose Dawn –

    I heard foot steps, and looked up, there James stood a rock in hand.

    “Now, put the girl down.” He tossed the rock up and down in his hand.

    “What does it mean to you???” James didn’t answer, he only the rock at the speakers head, square on. The man dropped down. Then he ran forward, punched a man on the way, he fell over and another came from behind. I was now let go and to help out, I grabbed a log from a corner, and lunged in, hitting one of the men. James punched another one. The one who had been the last to let me go, had a gun, so he brought it out and aimed it at me. I screamed. I heard the shot of a gun, but never felt the bullet. I opened my eyes, and no one was around. I looked down, James was on the ground blood coming from his arm.

    “James!” I knelt beside him. Tears fell from my eyes. “James!” He groaned. “James!” I tore my dress into a strip and wrapped it around his arm. “We have to get you to a hospital!” I helped him up, and he leaned on me together we walked.

    It took us forever to get to the hospital, and in the end James had lost about 3 gallons of blood. In the emergency, I tried to go with them, but they wouldn’t let me, because I wasn’t family.

    “Let me in!” I shouted banging on the door. I then broke down in tears.

    “You can come on in.” the nurse said. I jumped up and followed her in. James was laying on the bed.

    “Thank you, for… saving me.” I said. He looked at me, nodded and rolled away. I left after that.

    James Kepper-

    I got out of the hospital a month later. I had only seen Rose once, the day she brought me in. Jess had only come one, while the whole band had come so many days that I was about to kick them out.

    When I got home, I check my messages, one was from Jess, one was from Robert, telling me to go out with her, to protect my image. I cursed under my breath, and then went to be with my dog.

    Two night later I was at Jess’s house, she was doing her nails, and I was reading a magazine, featuring Rose on the cover.

    “James, put that down, that Rose is so dirty!” I threw it down, and struggled to remain in posture.

    “I don’t like her at all, she is a nobody. So why all this coverage! And she isn’t even pretty!”

    I got up and began to pace about the room.

    “James! Come sit down.” She whined. I sat down, steam coming out of my ears.

    “Remember how at the wedding she would do a million things! And the way she teaches dance! How disgusting! I can’t see what Jake sees in her. I mean…” She didn’t get to finish, for I slapped her.

    “James!” She whined to me.

    “Hear me out Jessica! She is better then you could or will ever be, she actually cares about people!” I stopped out. Jessica called after me, but I walked away in silence.

    I came up to Roses apartment. I had got the info from Jake. I walked up and knocked on her door. She answered.

    “James! Is everything ok?” Her red hair tumbled about her shoulders. She was beautiful.

    “Rose. I love you, I always have, even through the anger, I loved you. Just wouldn’t admit it. I want to spend every minute with you. And I know it might kill Jake, but I love you, and I’ll do anything to be with you. And I know that you never cheated me.” I looked into her eyes, and saw tears rolling down.

    “James, I love you to!” she then leaned over and kissed me.

    Epilogue –

    Jake –

    They came to me the next a few days after James came out of the hospital. They told me how sorry they were, but that they loved each other. I just laughed and said I knew it all along.

    “How?” They asked.

    “James named his dog Dawn, your last name. And you seemed to smile a little more when he was around.” They just smiled.

    Two months later they were married, and now they have children running about the house.