• Chapter 4: Questions and answers
    "What are you doing here? How did u get it. I'm pretty sure the door wa-"
    "Its a vampire thing" Michael chuckled. I sat down on the counch across from him, so i was seeing him face to face. I was astonished, again, looking at him.The way the sun light shone through the windows, burst on his face was magical.Breaking the silence, Michael asked,"So lets start, shall we?" I looked at him with confusion, when i realized that in the room there were 4 or 5 boxes. They looked really really old,but it was like i knew what was in the- Michael caught me off on that thought and said "Yeah i know what you mean."
    Me: How do can you understand what i feel?
    Michael: Well i can tell from your face. Im mean we've been together for about 208 years,our anniversary is coming up, but im 300 years old or something like that.I've been wandring around. Going place to place until i met you." He gazed into my eyes and it felt like he could look into my soul. He continued "You were around the age of 100 when i met you.I was born in the 1500s and you were born in the1700s. I don't know exactually how we became vampire. I just remember that when i woke up i had this," He took his shirt off,making me blush, and over his heart he had a tattoo but it didn't look like it was put on by a tattoo artist.It looked that it formed on him, it looked like little waves crushing over each other, but when i looked closer i could see wear he was bitten."Yeah, I thought that too when i looked at So anyways question time."He clapped his hands together.

    Michael:Ask any question. Any, well that i can anwser. You might need to ask Elizabeth and John about somethings. They are "older" than us."
    Me: Yeah about them how did i meet them?
    Michael: Well...........I introduced them to you, when "i sent for you."
    Michael: Those aren't dreams, their visions. From your past lives.Have you ever had anymore like those?
    Me:Well yeah since my 16 birthday.When you say lives. you mean that i had like, more than one family?
    Michael: Yes kind of......something like that......Well how about this you have had TONES of last names.Thats what these boxes are for.
    Me:Yeah about those-
    Michael: Didn't you see the package i left for you...last night?
    Oh so thats what i tripped over.I never checked.
    Michael:You tripped? Sorry 'bout that.
    Me:'Naw it's fine. What was in it?
    Michael: Go up stairs and see for your self.

    When i got to my room i turned on the lights and saw that my closet was a mess and that i needed to do my laundry soon. This time i saw the package in front of my bed. I went over to it and saw that there was a note.
    I would like to take you somewhere for a while and talk more. Put this on, since most of your clothes are, dirty.
    I opened it and found a nice shirt,a pencil skirt and a pair of shoes. I looked at the label and saw that it was in FRENCH!!!!! I tryed it on and they fit perfectly ang i looked amazing in it, actually.
    I didn't even realize he was standing in the door, until he said "Those were your back in the.......i believe, early 40's maybe?"
    "These are mine???"I asked shock,"We lived in Paris??"
    "Yes. That is were I met you. We lived there for along time, until we decided to go to the Americas. You aren't born French though, you are British." Michael spoke like he knew so much about me,and i know nothing. Which true.
    Me:So where are you kidnapping me this time?
    Michael: Well i have a very important question for you.
    Me: That doesn't sound good or is it.
    Michael: Well we've done it before. He chuckled.
    Great i thought want more did he want to tell me, well ask.