• As I descended the steps of the bus, I saw dark clouds in the sky. It looked as though it would rain.

    I walk briskly toward home which was a good kilometer away. My mother had warned me about getting caught in the rain. i might catch a cold or something. I wondered if i could get home before it rain.

    As if in reply to my thought the rain came down. I wanted to run for it but my heavy school-bag discourage me from doing so. So i walked on. Soon it was rainning heavily.

    In a short while i was drenched from head to toe. Instead of feeling miserable i was actually enjoying it. The feeling of cold water running down my wet body was quite pleasant.

    Finally i reached home. My mother was shocked to see me soaking wet. She hurried me to the hot shower after which I put on clean dry clothes. She was worried that I might get sick.

    Well, I did not. In fact I felt great, having had such a wonderful experiance walking in the rain.