• They say people are emo...
    and all they do is cut themselves,
    but really theyre emotionally scarred,
    their are 5 Scarrs to my,and this emo life,
    each cut represents different difficulties I, and they had to deal with...
    The first cut was for every time the b*****s at your school pushed you around, The second cut was when you ran away from home,
    The third cut was when your boyfriend dumped you for your best friend,
    the fourth cut was when the cops arrested you for possesion of drugs,(when they were put there by someone else)
    The fifth & final cut was for all the times when people yelled & screamed at you for a dumbass reason.
    so much pressure so little time... you watched it bleed & bleed, then every time you fixed the problem or took care of it, it automatically faded to a scarr...
    You fixed cut 1 by pushing the b*****s HARDER...It became a scarr,
    you fixed cut 2 by coming back home...It became a scarr...
    You fixed cut 3 by salpping your ex bf and beating the s**t outta your ex bff..that became a scarr..
    You fixed cut 4 by being more aware of your surroundings..it became a scarr,
    You fixed cut 5 by either screaming back or just ignoring it...that also became a scarr,
    5 Cuts 5 Scarrs Yea.. so what thats MY, and this emo life... emo