• I'm asleep, but soon awaken by sirens from the distance. I look at my window and see my mother with fear on her face. Then i hear a scream from my brothers room, and run to find him perched on the top bunk to his bunk bed, my other brother laying on the floor i can't tell if hes alive. I fall to the floor weeping as i go down. I shake him, I can see hes breathing. My other brother yelling at me to go to my room. I ask what happened with tears in both of our eyes. He finally answered "I don't know. One minute I'm asleep, next i hear a thump, and es just, just laying there". I look down and see a red substance coming from my brothers mouth. BLOOD! I run out of the room only to find my mother with her arms open try to huge me. I ask whats wrong with him why is he bleeding. She replys with "He and your father both came home drunk tonight, not together. They got into an argument, and, and" Tears come streaming from her eyes. "You father pulled out a knife, and cut your brother across the face with it." Know where both crying. I ask "Where is dad, and when is the ambulance coming?" She reply's with "The cops already came, and we are-" She is cut off with a shriek of almost relief from my brother's room. "Mom hes, hes almost waking up."

    1 week later-My dad and brother are both home- Still not talking, but not yelling either- everything is as it should be

    -Jordan a.k.a Xx_Babii_Phat_xX