• TRUEBLOOD+ CH.1. Memories.

    Seth slouched on the desk,he was awake, I knew it. I just didn't say anything. The teacher walked toward me, and Seth. He goes up to my ear and says " Please bring you and Your friend Seth to the office. Right Now!". "Okay, Seth lets go,you idiot." I said while pulling him up."Okay,okay.Hmph, why us?" he asked himself. As we walked out the door, one kid said " hehe stupid redhead and dumb emo." . I just ignored it,so didnt Seth.
    "Don't worry you're not stupid, I know it hurts, but just like always we will make it through." he laughed while run up closer to me, and putting his arm around me. "hehe, yea," I said while leaning on him. Then he took my hand and dragged me into a open janitors closet. "what are you doing?" I asked. "You always are conplaining that we never hang out anymore. So lets go, and NO I'm not talking about making out, if that's what you're thinking. I know you." he said." yea, lets go we havn't been there in a while. Anyway I wasn't thinking that, I know you were though." I said getting close to him." Ready, CountDown begins now. 5,4,3,2,1, Begin launch!" Seth said while pulling a button then quickly holding on to me. We both screamed to the top of out lungs."Is it over yet?" He asked. "yea and....now!" he said and he let go of me.
    " I hope you had remembered that, but I guess not...," I said but trailing off. Seth laid on top of me,Blood was all over the place. My neck hurt. He looked the other way. "Maybe, I need to stop. This hurts you, I know it." he said looking at my neck."NO! You need my blood! You'll die! I don't want that. I Have gave up so much for you! I have deceaved my parents,Lied to my own brother, he has been there for me through everything! I can't give up now!" I cried. The tears hit the Open bite marks on my neck and made it sting. " I see. I am sorry" He whispered then leaned over and kissed my lips.