• Love is so confusing, love is so strong.
    Love can be good, but sometimes feel wrong.

    Love make you think too much in so many ways.
    Making you think negative for so many days.
    Wondering if he loves you, wondering why he chose you.
    Picking someone dumb when he can get girls to have fun.
    Hard to believe his love for me is true.
    When I know that guys get girl who are beautiful and bloom.

    I'm not beautiful and yet I bloom.
    Am I loving you way too soon?
    I love you, and I know it.
    Every single day I hold it.
    I will give you my love and everything.
    As my heart beat will start and sing.

    I know you love me, as you hold me against you.
    Saying you'll never let go because its true.
    You're thinking way too much, Because I do Love you.