• Hi, I am you know who. And welcome to my profile. Well if you wondering why I'm here at Gaia online. Please stick around. I have been here since August 1st 2009 1:am. I know it's kinda wired or what. I have change my avatar name serveral times over the years. At first it's wraith, however it doesn't go that far. So I changed it to night rider then moonlight rider and then pastel cupcake rider, and then rainbow rider then black and red rider and clockwork rider 93. And then I was the same person as always. So now I have over 80 friends here because of you. Well I'm popular here. I am more willing to make firmed a here, and goes on and becoming the lengend. So that's enough about that so let's get seriously down to business. Well this is real facts.

    So I have born in April 1st 1993 in the hospital that doesn't even existed in the town.
    - so when I was a baby, my parents were very poor and have just about no money.
    - so when I was 3 years old, I have my own baby sister at the time of 01/10/1996
    - so my father founded the job of the finisher carpenter, so he makes money.
    - so before I have a little sister we moved to the first house the fixer upper.
    - and I have a attic room when I was little. However over the years, I have nightmares.
    - so I used to have the tv in my old room. So I watch Scoby do behind my parents backs.

    When I was little I was instrested in sharks and dinosaurs. And now it's gets really show after a while. Then I used to into bats and vampires. Well I used to love vampires even now I hate those creatures because hey scared me to death. Well I get grounded quite a lot when I was little because I never thought about the wiredest things of my life. Then I was into Japanese and First Nations in couple of years. And then high school came along I was into music and the goth subculture. I was educated about that behind my parents backs. I'm afraid and I don't want to get caught. Then I was driven towards anime then steampunk then the hippie. However I never do drugs or anything because it might harm and dangerous to your health. Well, i am not the perfect hippie. So I love to color.