• "I don't know were I am Luke, pleas help me ,I need you!! " I yelled. the
    warm tears ran down my face, I was alone, lost in the forest , the vary place I thought was safe and beautiful. The cut on my arm wouldn't stop bleeding and I knew the vampire would soon smell it and I couldn't fight him off this time. "Please!" I was able scream." You thought you could get away?" A low scratchy voice laughed from behind me. A sharp pain him my back,and sent me flying into a tree. The pain felt like I had been hit by a train. I could feel a fire burning throughout my body,and the worm blood spell from the wound in my head looked like ribbon flowing off my head."Why?" I whispered. I looked into the vampires blood red eyes. he bent down "Cause you the last one." he whispered with a laugh.Then dug his fangs into my neck. "Last what!" I screamed in pain.
    Chapter ---

    I opened my eyes and sat up gasping for air.... Another loud gasp came from the corner of the room. I started to scream but a hand covered my mouth."My god its him! The vampire!" I thought to myself ,and tired to get free. The man wrapped me in his arms to the point I couldn't move and whispered "Its ok ,Roxann its me, Luke." The instant he said his name. The tears ran down my face and I stopped fighting.My tense body relaxed and he held me in his arms. "I'm sorry Roxann, I'm so sorry." I held onto him as he did to me, I didn't want to let go.Just felling the heat of his body made me feel protected.Luke pushed away. I looked up at him and tears were running down his face. He pushed his lips on mine and a burst of fire started in my body .But it didn't hurt like when I was being attacked in the dream . No this was different.It was soft and it slowly ran through my body from my lips all the way down to my toes. It felt good. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He put his hand at the small of my back to push my body closer to his.Are lips seem to stick together, like it would be impossible to pull apart.But I pulled away. Both of us gasping for air. I looked at him and asked "Luke,what am I? " he looked at me with a nerves face. "Human." he said with a smile."No Luke, I know you know. " I said in a hard voice. He looked down ." Luke please tell me , I know Joe isn't my father! I'm the only one in the family with red eyes and brown hair, not to include I'm the only one that seems to be really white in my family! Luke I know I'm adopted!" I said as tears ran down my face . Luke looked at me pain in his eyes. He wiped away a tear, and brushed his lips to mine once more."Luke?" I said in a hard voice,trying to contain myself. He looked at me and looked down. "Your the last " he whispered, nodding his head. "Last what?" I asked.
    "spirit carrier"He said with a hard voice."And what is a Spirit carrier" I asked.

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