• Maine’s Core Girls
    Book Two Of The 1st book, Secrets in Maine

    So here I am again under water, but this time, it was different. I felt stronger, more durable. I tried to open my eyes under water. When I did, I could see everything. It didn’t seem like before when all I could see was water…. It was amazing. Every molecule in the water was in sight. I can’t remember anything before; Mabel would tell me. How could I remember her but nothing else, it was awkward. Someone dived in the water next to me. It looked like a life guard. I wasn’t sure, I was focusing on the idea of me being able to feel like this after only moments of almost drowning.
    Someone was cradling me in there arms while I came up over the water. “Oh my gosh. What’s wrong with Laura?” this person sounded familiar but with an odd twist. The exact and precise notes of there voice came to my ears, the vibrations were intense; but I knew who it was. My mother, and here always too worried self. I mean, I love her to death but, she’s over reacts to almost anything. Either that or I’m I don’t care for my own life enough.
    Someone set me on the floor next to the pool. “It’s okay. I doubt that she can’t here us now. She’ll be okay. Give her a minute.” My mother gave a sigh in relief. The life guard very good at his job. Handing out good information makes his life easier. I was happy too; I was safe and still alive.
    My eyes were close. They had so much water on them it burned. I couldn’t blame them for being closed, I laughed in my head. My eyes fluttered open. When they did my mother was the first one I saw. She pulled my up in one of my favorite hugs. In this hug, I felt protected and so happy. I could cry with this kind of joy and happiness I felt.
    The next person was a girl. Then I remembered, it was Mabel. My mother saw me look at her and let go of me. “Laura, with your clumsiness, I’ll die before you do because you gave me a heart attack! Do you know how close I was to loosing my mind and going after you?! I mean, I thought you were going to come back up, but you just floated there. Then again, after that drink you just had, I can’t blame-
    “It is so nice to see you too. Yes, I’m fine, stop worrying.” I smiled.
    Mabel was still rummaging through her mind- wait a minute I shouldn’t be able to now that. How could I know her exact thoughts without her saying them?
    “Hey, Laura are you okay? You look a little awkward.” Mabel exclaimed.
    I took a breath, “ Yeah I’m fine. I’m going to go use the restroom.”
    I got up from the floor and made my way through the hall to the girls restroom. When I stopped at the door I was just thinking about what Mabel said about having powers. I chuckled and thought, it would be amazing if the door just opened by itself. Imagining in my head what it would be like having some type of power shoot through my hand and open the door. I reached for the doorknob.
    A blue laser shot from my hand and covered doorknob with it. It didn’t melt the doorknob, just created a surrounding on it. This is amazing, I thought, what a weird thing. Then I remembered exactly everything. I had powers that I couldn’t tell to anyone but Mabel. Someone was coming so I went in the restroom and stood still at the door. The door opened wide, Mabel walked in.
    I grabbed her by her wrist shut the door and spoke whispering, “Mabel, oh my gosh! You were right about that hole having powers thing. I think I have powers but I was thinking in my head that I have more than 1 because I can hear what you’re thinking. “-I stopped whispering and stood straight- “I am not insane, okay. Ugh, here watch.” I went into one of the bath room stalls, ripped the toilet paper holder from one side of the stall, pulled out a roll and went back to where Mabel was standing.
    “Okay, Mabel. Look,” I set the toilet paper roll on the floor and backed away. I concentrated on making it rise in the air. And sure enough that a couple moments later was it in front of my face, no strings or my hands were on it. It just floated there.
    “Wow!” exclaimed Mabel. ......... to be continued