• As i sit here, i ponder to myself. How? How in the world have I've been blessed to be with my true love? How in the world can my lover possible tolerate my mixing emotional issues? How in the world can they stand to be around someone, me, who's so cheery its plain out creepy?
    i chuckled aloud, glancing out the living room's windows, the street light flickering. Someone's dog is barking, and my music from Youtube seems to be echoing the quite darkness of my house. How? my mind wonders back to the topic. How can someone so, so seemingly amazing and grand even accept the real me for me? How can they be in love with someone so annoying and most likely mental? How in the world is it.....i sigh, wishing i'd know...wow, i think, im sooo lame and whipped for my lover. But i cant help it, they shall remain in my thoughts from dawn to dusk. My heart shall and will belong to a vampire forever...
    I sigh again, faintly smiling as i whisper ..

    "Te iubesc my wonderful Vampire"