• Dead skunk?

    Just thought I would tell you all a little story.

    Once upon a time, I was almost as dead as a skunk on a Tennessee road in the middle of the night, gettin' shovelled into a truck by a hill-billy who thinks I'm "Good eats"!

    So here's how it went down. I went to the movies one summer, at around.....say 1:00pm in the afternoon with some frizands. When I came out I was in that action movie type attitude you get after watching and action movie! So I was running around, much like a retarded version of Vin Diesel(However you spell his gassy name), And I jumped up on a steep hand rail outside the theater and began to slide down it. Luckily I was sliding down with the pole between my legs (Oh, haha.), because I got off balance and fell to one side. Thanks to super woman strength, I wrapped my legs around the pole (Hardyhar again) and missed my head hitting concrete by about 3 centimeters. So there I was hanging upside down, thanking all and every holy power out there. And that's how I became a pole dancer.....oh wait that's not right..... D<

    Or tasteh