• Have you ever stalked to someone?
    Well me I'm not soo sure but i think i had, same with my friends which are Izza, Faye,Danna, Gail and JK

    Its started like this
    I went to school and at first I don't have any friends
    I really don't know what to do so I stayed alone for about 3 months
    The next thing I became soooo close to my seatmate which is Izza
    We became soo close that we have formed a group which are my friends
    Izza's cousins had a crush on someone named Marco
    Before when we still aren't friends with Izza they stalked already him
    So now its starts again with new members which are Gail, JK and me
    I really don't know what kind of stalking this is because we are throwing stuffs at him, we just pushed them or do weird stuffs to them like spraying them
    Then the've already found out that we stalked them so my cousin(Marco's friend)
    knows that and he stalk them
    so we've stopped
    The next thing about 4-5 months after they were stalking back at us I really don't know
    but I think that they think that we are different because when most girls has a crush
    they just do this"Aaaaaah,its him!! Its him!!!" which really annoys me
    Its because of them, we had alot of enemies-.-
    The next school year Marco moved which is pretty good/bad
    Good so no one would annoy us
    Bad because its no more fun....
    'Now we just ignored my enemies...and had a good life in school! ^.^