• Along time ago when the earth was silent a kid climbed a tree. I looked at the tree and thought it looked just like a glass spiral stair case. The branches looked sturdy enough to climb and knew I was going to climb that tree one way or another. So I started to get ready for the long and treacherous climb to climb.
    I started up slow and then started going at a more faster pace each step. About thirty-five feet up five branches had broken off, so I held on to the branches on top of me and use them like monkey bars to get across the gap. Soon after, I had made it to the top. I was so high up I thought I might just touch the heavens. I sat down on a branch for about five minutes, but soon after making it to the top I had to think of a way down.
    The way down went just as smooth as the way up, across the monkey bars, down the spirals of wooden branches. The only difference was I knew I would never climb that tree again.