• Life is a long and hard road.

    You have heard this saying in different forms; being compared to the sea, being told that it wasn’t polished and shined until it was smooth, and being turned into lengthy stories and poems.

    The point must be drawn across to you by now, correct?

    Already, in 18 years, you have traveled the road of education and labor to learn of how the society of today and yesterday has worked. In 36 years, you learned how some careers are performed, how people have traveled in their life, and how you began the pathway to other’s roads. And possibly, by years into your senior, you have learned what the world around has to offer, what other’s roads are like, and possibly planned the end of your travels.

    In one lifetime, you traveled your pathway; be smooth or grainy, crystal or concrete, straight or twisted. But, you don’t travel alone; you watched others travel their pathways, saw people end their paths, and even started new souls on their own paths of life. It will not matter if you have a road of glass or a rickety bridge of splintered wood. It will matter of how you would travel on your path, how you overcome the obstacles thrown upon your path, and who will be traveling with you.

    The road of life is long and hard, but who said that it has to be a road to be traveled alone?