• I woke up one day when everything was different. No more birds singing, the wide fields where I used to play, the sweet breeze of the trees and the noise coming from our barn...They are all gone. As I reminisce myself I remembered, we just moved to New York from our little farm where I grew up in Kansas. From a country girl I now am a big girl in the big city. I never thought this would happen.

    First day of classes, I am not so excited to see my new classmates as I miss my old friends, my old school. My father dropped me off to the school, as I enter and walk through the big halls of the town school. I grew fascinated. I walked through the corridor full of people I dont know, I am ashamed of myself because this is the first time I enter a building like this. As I go on, I bumped a hard body full, a boy. I stumbled and the next thing I saw was a lovely, handsome and gentle face of a guy. What is this feeling? is this what they call love at first sight? He took my hand and immedietly asked for a sorry. Of course, who am I not to forgive this cute boy. Then he introduced himself, "I'm Joel..." I slowly looked to his face and said, "I'm Amica. Im sorry for what happened, I.. I am just..." "No..no.." he said. "It's Ok. It was my fault anyways."

    My heart pumped faster. I can feel the heat rising through my face. Whats this?

    To be continued...